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Letter from Bill

To my friends and family:

I got an email from the Department of the Army . . . it looks like they're finally pulling out the big guns for this whole Iraq thing.

(Or scraping the bottom of the barrel. One of the two.)

I have been pulled back onto Active Duty and will be leaving Arizona for my Brigade Headquarters right after the New Year for a few weeks of mission planning, and then either back home to forget about the whole thing or to pack my ruck sack for parts unknown. There are just some things they don't tell Captains or at least not in e-mails.

So, let this serve as a little Holiday Cheer from Uncle Sam.

For my fellow officers in the National Guard: transfer to the Army Reserve if you want to deploy, it's where the action is.

For my friends who are still languishing in the civilian world: either count your blessings or envy those who are living what you're watching on CNN.

I'll keep in touch.


oh shit.
»a ||  12/22/2002 ||  9:10:06 AM
Sheesh. Just wanted to wish Bill the best of luck, and may Saddam Hussein drop dead before he finds himself sweating his ass off in a tent in a country wherecold beer is illegal. I have a friend who has a great recipe for homemade booze if he needs it ...
»iggy ||  url || 12/23/2002 ||  7:06:28 PM
We toasted Mr. Gau at a holiday gathering the other day. You're in our thoughts Bill.

»evan ||  12/30/2002 ||  10:52:25 AM

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