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We arrive at this party somewhere in Fort Green (or is it Fort Greene?).
My first observation is that there are way more ladies here than guys - I feel sad because we don't have any single guys in our posse that night.
The party is at a brownstone - it's really nice. One of the guys who lives there has written a book that people think I should of heard of. I am not sure I have heard of his book.

The other half of our posse shows up at the party. The newcomers repeat the observation about the ratio of men to women.

Joking around with my bottle of champagne, I put the bottle near my groin and make jokey thrusting movements as if I am some sort of... something humping a bottle.
Because I am an idiot, I don't realize that I just shook the damn bottle up and the next thing I know, the cork goes flying off and sprays bubbly all over Mrs. Robot.
Soaks her new shirt thing.

Happy New Year

Raquel's bottle of champagne blows up and soaks my pants.

I call Mark. He and Jumbles are walking around and getting in trouble.

I call HonkyCracker and wish him a happy new year.

We decide to leave and go get a bite to eat. I put Mrs. Robot and E&J in a cab, and then walk up the block to where Raq and her pal K are waiting for another cab.

No cabs

Random guy in car stops to tell us that he hasn't seen any cabs at all tonight.

car service guy stops and offers to take us, but for 25$. We are like, "no way".

Police car drives by

Police car drives by again

Police car stops.
"Hey, where are you trying to go?"
We tell him and he offers to drive us over. We hop in. The girls are cheering.
He asks us how we are doing and if the party we are coming from was fun. He tells us that Times Square was nutty but went smoothly. He tells us about his family and his approaching retirement.

We zoom through downtown Brooklyn. He plays loud music and turns the lights on and we pretend we are at a party.

He drops us off at our destination. We thank him and all want to hug him or something but don't. K runs after a cab. Me and Raq walk up to the diner.

I call E&J & Mrs. Robot. They are still in their cab stuck in traffic.

We sit in the diner waiting to be served. They are way too busy and no one ever comes by. We all decide that we weren't that hungry in the first place, except E&J who didn't have dinner for some reason. Nonetheless we walk out and head our separate ways home.

While crossing an intersection on the way home we see a car and the following:
1. NJ plates
2. the door open and the passenger spit something out
3. the passenger closes the door
4. the passenger looks really ill or drunk leaning back in their seat with their mouth wide open
5. the door opens again - the passenger kind of looks like they are going to be sick, but doesn't throw up
6. the driver has pulled out a map and is worriedly looking at the street signs and the map

we think to ourselves, "that sucks"

We walk in the door and wish the cat Merry Happy New Year. She chirps her own greeting.

The neighbors walk around upstairs in their big Frankenstein shoes.

happy new year rich... i was in a movie theatre, otherwise i would have called to sing obscene songs to you too...
»liz ||  1/1/2003 ||  3:10:43 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR! ... My upstairs neighbor was running a marathon in her apartment at 7 this morning. WTF!
»k ||  1/1/2003 ||  4:35:03 PM
we picked up stray/stranded/drunk students in the back of our pickup and took them home. great fun, the one in the short dress passed out and her friend threw her over his shoulder and carried her away. Nice ass. cute kids. no cabs in raleigh either.
»de ||  1/1/2003 ||  8:24:37 PM
Wow! I feel like I was there! Wait, I was there....
»raq ||  1/1/2003 ||  10:24:13 PM

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