Freezing Rain
I believe freezing rain is nature's way of saying "F*ck you". Or at least that is what it feels like when you are outside in it.

We have those silly 'christmas popper' things every year for our Christmas eve dinner. You know, they are those little, um, things, um. It's like a carboard toilet paper-roll wrapped in fancy paper and it is full of little do-dads.
It pops when you open it.
Well, I will just assume everyone knows what I am talking about (google it).

Ok, so part of the silly popper is that there is always a really cruddy joke in them, and our family makes a big to-do about each person reading them out loud and then we all groan.

My joke was: "What is a vampire's favorite kind of boat?"
The answer was "blood vessel", which just sucks.

But before I could say that, my brother blurts out in his best Dracula / Transylvania accent: " Canooooooooooooe!"
("canoe" with the "oe" part stretched out as if Dracula had proclaimed it)

He's way more funnier than I am - he should really be running this website.

Songs to listen to today
"Brooklyn Phone Call" All Girl Summer Fun Band

What Max did on NYE
Another report about Max, the world's cutest kid ever.

what did everyone do? here's mine. please don't call social services.
jae and his wife decided to throw a small get together at their house for us old folks with kids, i anticipated an evening involving a glass of wine, some celery sticks, and dick clark. somehow, by 12:30am i was stumbling around in the rain, glass of bourbon in one hand, roman candle in the other - lighting up the night sky screaming "FREEDOM" at the top of my lungs and falling down laughing. And yes, maxwell was out there with me in his soaking wet pajamas. dad of the year, right?

so maybe it wasn't the most RESPONSIBLE thing to do, but maxwell is still talking about it. we don't stand in the rain screaming absurdities and launching pyrotechnics together often enough, that's for sure. with all the npr and ethnic food and aromatherapy that goes on in our house, i figure it's important to expose him to his redneck roots at least a couple of times a year.

ok that's all.

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