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Steak, Sweaters, Ram

I had a steak for dinner Saturday night. I haven't had a steak in about 10 years. It was f*cking good.
We had gone out to Fort Green again for a party (different hosts this time) and by about 9pm we were all realizing that we hadn't had any dinner, so six of us ventured to a place that was enthusiastically recommended by one of the party-goers.
I ordered the pepper encrusted filet mignon - medium rare.
As a recovering vegetarian, this may have been the last step in my therapy. I think I have successfully eaten about everything I had avoided for so long.
So 'yum' in fact, I sent Matt an email this morning:
We stumbled across a restaurant last night and liked it so much we plan on going back next weekend.
It's in Clinton Hill / Fort Green.
I think (if you know what's good for you) you and your gal-pal should tag along.

I will write more about it after we go back - I don't want to jinx it.

Dude, I can out-shop the best of you. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I shopped the hell out of manhattan Sunday. I wanted a turtle-neck sweater, but ended up buying one turtle-neck sweater, 2 turtle-neck/mock zipper cardigan type sweaters, 2 crew-neck sweaters, and a pair of pants - and I didn't buy anything over 30$.
I shopped the hell of broadway between canal and bleeker.

But, wait. I bought five sweaters. That's just screwed up.
For fun, tomorrow I will wear all five.

Thanks to everyone who placed Christmas orders via the amazon search thing on happyrobot. You all rock - the staff will hopefully be getting some trinkets in the next couple of weeks.

Gulf War
You know, I can be an arm chair analyst and say that Gulf War II is all about oil, and having two oil-pricks in the white house, and SUV's, but you know, it's not that simple.
It's a lot about our general car culture, yes, but it's also about the fact that we are such babies about drilling oil in our own backyards.

I also think we gotta stop pawning our garbage off on other countries / states / towns. If manhattan produces 400 zillion tons of trash per day, that trash should go in a landfill in manhattan. Yea, it will stink, but it's our trash.

Kind of a responsibility thing. We aren't very responsible (I know I'm not - 5 sweaters!).

when llama's go bad

I got new RAM for my computer Friday (that is after a certain company's mailroom took their sweet time bringing the package to me). New RAM rocks - but I hate installing it. I always feel like I am about to break something.
You have to push so hard to get it in.

Back to the Future
It seems like there is a lot of excitement for the Back to the Future DVD set. Someone recently told me they got it, and I thought they were joking, but apparently it's a big thing.
Sure, BTTF was a fine movie, but the second one? And the third one?
Am I missing something?
(I can't believe I used the abbreviation "BTTF" - please be aware I was using it in an ironic manner)

"You have to push so hard to get it in."
That's why they call it RAM.
Lethal Lama kinda reminds me of Frank from Donnie Darko...
The new mpeg rulz.

»chris ||  1/6/2003 ||  1:49:28 AM

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