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Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Vanilla Ice - Part I

Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Vanilla Ice - Part I

Rise and shine, girls up & at 'em
See a microphone on the stage and I'm grabbin'
You act like Eve and I'll act like Adam
Tangle with a snake, make sure that you pat him
Keep him calm for sure or he'll strike back
Shake your booty girl, Yeah I like that
Keep your moves silky smooth, hot and sexy
It won't vex me, I won't get testy.

Ice taught me that when i see a snake, I need to pat the snake or else the snake will get mad at me. No one wants a snake mad at them, so I make sure to pat them when I see them. Sometimes, the snake is already mad though, even before I can pat him.

Face the music, then I'm right behind
With a posse, a mic and a funky rhyme
It doesn't take a lot of time for me to climb
And whem I'm going for mine, I'm like a monkey on a vine

If you want something in life you really have to climb up an get it, especially if what you want can be got via climbing a vine. Of course, vines are in the jungle, so you have to keep an eye out for snakes and pat them if you see one.

You can't cope with the dope Ice has concieved
Which is a dope jam, hotter than the third degree
You tried my style but I burn you see
I'm Ice and I'm cold, I'm buildin' igloos of gold

Ice, always growing, moves away from his usual jungle images to the cold wasteland of the artic (represents life on the streets). Igloos are usually made of ice blocks, but Ice says that if you have the determination and skills, you can make an igloo out of anything - even gold.

I won't panic, I'll just get romantic
Ten and twenty, you come by the droves
Don't be scared to take off your clothes
If you're really short, get on your tippy toes

Ice looks out for the little guy, hence his previous references to snakes and monkeys who are both quite short compared to Ice and the Vanilla Ice Posse.
If you want to hang with Ice, you can, even if you are short.

Cuz this game is made up of a bunch of crazy rules,
And fools get took if they're not plaing by the rules.
Now, the Ice is kickin' it, kickin' it kickin' it like a champ,
But don't try to play me like some wet food stamp.

Ice shows us that if you kick really well (maybe from Judo or Karate practice) you can become a champ - a champ of kicking, but a champ nonetheless. Additionally, the "game" he refers to is fame and it's "crazy rules" and how many weaker and less kicking abled "fools" have been "took" because they didn't kick well enough. If you don't kick well, you will end up like a wet food stamp, which Ice once saw on the sidewalk when he and his mom went to Food Towne.

"pat the snake" - ROTFLMAO
»milla ||  1/10/2003 ||  3:19:41 PM

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