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Site News and Steve Case leaves AOL-TW

I am cleaning out my favorites/bookmark file this morning. I sorted them by date and realized that I haven't cleaned it out, ever. Funny how so many sites have gone 'off the air' - the majority of links I try are either now porn sites or those annoying domain registrar pages (" is available now!").
So many memories.

New Items at the Shoppe
I love spelling "shop" with the extra 'p' and extra 'e'. Love it.
Mainly because I always think of pronouncing it as "Shoppie" when I see that spelling.
"Let's go down to the Pet Shoppie"
"I was picking up some things at the Food Shoppie"
"Did you get those slacks at the Pants Shoppie?"
So, here at the Robot Shoppie, we have a few new items.
  • Orange robot stickers, postcards, and a briefcase type bag.

  • Danny Chambers postcards, greeting cards, and stickers.

  • Word.
    As soon as the world buys their fill of the danny greeting cards, we can all retire.

    The Newsletter
    If you are on our mailing list and your email account isn't clogged or turned-off, you probably received our happyrobot newsletter this past weekend. I used to do a semi-regular newsletter with links and funny stories, but I stopped doing it for some reason a few years back.
    For 2003, I decided to revive it and built some handy little tools to make it easy to do… so we'll see how long this one lasts.

    That was a fine movie. Now, everyone hates the end, and I agree it was tedious, but that was kind of the point I thought.

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    I saw that movie this weekend - all the way through - for the first time. Our favorite scene is when Sean Penn and the kid who is the brother of the big football player (played by… um, whats-his-name) are driving down the street drinking and smoking.
    They are talking about the new Playboy or Penthouse (I forget) with Bo Derek and her boobies, and the kid ends the discussion enthusiastically with: "I like sex".


    Stevie Case
    Boy, I sure don't want to come across making a personal attack on someone I don't know, but Steve Case resigning from AOL was met with glee when I heard it. Some of us like to romanticize Steve and the Marc guy being the reason that MS won the 'browser wars'. If memory serves me correct, they sold Netscape to AOL (or however that happened) and then promptly forgot Netscape.
    If we look at Netscape's history, up to that point they were doing fine (well, apart from version 4) - they obviously had some good people on their staff just by looking at Netscape v3 which was an efficient and well-built browser. But when absorbed by AOL, they were lost in the jumble and their developers left only to be replaced by Ted Turner's nephew who is taking CS at UGA and really likes computers.
    (Other ideas I had for that last line were: "replaced by monkeys" or "replaced by the Special Olympics Browser Development Fun Bunch Team")

    So, Netscape faltered, got crappier with future 4.x versions, and now has about vanished from the scene. At least on happyrobot that is, where the 4.x browsers make up for something like 2.4%, right behind Lynx and the S.O.B.D.F.B.T. Browser).

    Speaking of browsers, you really can't go wrong with Mozilla. It's what I use about 50% of the time. Netscape 6 & 7 (hey, steve, where's v5?) are AOL laden versions of Mozilla, so if you might as well download the original, lighter, better version.
    Did I mention they have a great pop-control feature? There is a feature that won't allow pop-ups if you didn't click on them.
    And the 'tabbed browsing' thing is great.

    Speaking of instant messenger, you should also try Trillian if you haven't already.

    BTW, did you notice that Steve Case and our pal rock-star Mitch McGirt look related?
    Steve Case
    Mitch McGirt
    Matt pointed this out to me.

    Remember that song i wrote?
    "Steve Case"...
    Looked around for steve case all we found was a little loose dirt?
    »stevecase ||  1/13/2003 ||  1:08:15 PM
    remember that other song you wrote?
    "I'm the devil and you're not"
    »stevecase fan ||  1/13/2003 ||  2:52:26 PM
    saying "shoppie" is one of my all time fav things. i also am fond of "oldie" when people write "olde".
    »lisa ||  1/13/2003 ||  3:31:04 PM
    Who needs Steve Case when you can have the happyrobot BriefCase type bag?

    happyrobot - 1
    Steve Case - 0
    »chris ||  1/13/2003 ||  5:10:43 PM
    i'm waiting for the beta test of happyrobot briefcase v 1.147. i hear it's going to be open source and come loaded with porn.
    »klutch.xls ||  1/13/2003 ||  10:07:17 PM
    "replaced by Ted Turner's nephew who is taking CS at UGA and really likes computers"
    »ted ||  10/9/2003 ||  12:48:44 PM

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