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Dear Adina + Naked Babies

Naked Babies
The Naked Babies website which I built has been down for like months now because one of the babies didn't pay their hosting bill or something (not really sure what happened there).
Nonetheless, I am trying to assist them in setting up something at a different host and get them back on track. In the meantime, you can find their information here: naked babies on the robot.

Last night we went and saw Brian Huskey's and Seth Morris' shows (they are both one man shows back to back). Brian was hilarious. Seth was hilarious.
Their last show is next week, so go see them.
Seth can really put a pair of fake teeth to good use - his costume / makeup stuff was amazing.
Dress warmly - the damn theatre has no heat.

Random line from an email
Its not just happening to her. Its happening to other people around her.

Dear Adina,
I am pleased as punch that you have sent us pictures to look out - score one for the internet.
Sometimes I forget how much the interweb has changed my life, especially since I was an late-adopter of it. Back in the early days when I was an aspiring and/or working photographer I snubbed my nose at digital cameras in favor of film cameras (I still do that a bit). Digital cameras, apart from their cool little TV screens on the back, took crappy photographs and were bought by wienie, creepy people who had pasty skin (at least in the camera shop I worked in).
I really snubbed them, and in turn snubbed computers, and in turn snubbed people who were into this "web" thing. But, truth be known, my early internet influences weren't the best spokespeople for the web.

I mean we had the psycho-analyst guy who I think specialized in treatment for children. He threw a way fun party in his office one night and towards the end people gathered around his PC and he showed them all the porn on the web. I didn't see any of the porn myself, but a bunch of people did, and then somehow he was later fired or someshit from the group that he worked with for having porn on his machine.
He then went on make vague accusations that my wife had ratted him out (please).

The other two people who I knew who were savvy about the robots were both guys who weren't much better. I will refrain to go into their entertaining stories for the time being because I know that they have friends of friends who sometimes visit the robot.

I'll tell you about them both next time we have beers in front of us.

BTW, MS Word really wants me to capitalize the word "internet". Guess what? I refuse to.
Stop it with the little squiggly green lines.

Right. So, it's just hard to even remember what it was like when our friends would be over-seas and we had to wait weeks for a postcard and you never saw their vacation pictures until after their vacation.
Email and digital cameras rock in that regard.

Oh, I got an email from some guy on the webmaster account who was loving your latest entries. I think he was from India and he was saying something like, "I never did anything for my people and here you are miles away from your home helping my people while I sit here wherever doing whatever"

I was never good at paraphrasing. I'll just forward it to you.

Oh, and if MJ is reading this, be sure to tell your love interest to write her sister.
Those young lovers.

Cheers - stay safe - stay free,


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