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a common misconception

Modern Dance
Many in the world are under the impression that people like modern dance - they are wrong. It's a common misconception.

I know many modern dance people. I have for a long time. They are all swell people.

Modern dance needs to be made fun of. That is why I am writing and directing the first ironic, self-referential modern dance performance.
The main feature will be a constant running narrative.
"Here she is representing a dolphin, alone at sea"

Three things about my grandmother
1. She has a brother. I am not sure I ever knew that. He drank a lot and is now in a home and doesn't recognize anyone.

2. Both her sisters lived in NYC for most of their life. One in Astoria (still here), and one in Jackson Heights. The Jackson Heights one moved to Florida, and after a lifetime in the big apple, was mugged for the first time in Flordia.

3. My grandmother ran my grandfather's new car into a bus once when he was teaching her to drive (btw, back then you didn't even need a license). She was so sorry, and he dropped her off at home. She feared that he would never call her again.

Def Lep
It's like a ghost of a memory, but I remember someone telling me that Def Leppard was going to play dates in walmart parking lots. I didn't realize it was true.
yup, it was

Three ways I misspelled "Def Leppard" just now
1. def leppherd
2. def lepherd
3. def leppord

Big GMC needs a website
He does. Do-do-do-do.

When I was in second grade, I began pal-ing around with this kid Jeff. Jeff was kinda the cool, bad-ass 2nd grader, and he wrote band names like "Def Leppard" and "Led Zeppelin" on his book covers. I decided that I, too, wanted to be a cool bad-ass and write band names on my book covers. Only, even then, i was a stickler for spelling. I ended up writing "Deaf Leopard" and "Lead Zeppelin" on my book covers.
»chris ||  1/18/2003 ||  3:09:41 PM
I was at that show! Snuzz was wonderful. Always was, back in the day and now even better. His new CD is awesome, not to be missed. Django Haskins previously of NY, now of Carboro played too. I like that kid, he's just awfully great, too. Anyone getting a chance, should go see him and/or Snuzz play. About Big GMC, I'm afraid I'm not quite there . . . but than I don't get out a lot.
oh, and that kid Kev in the picture with Big GMC. Hi Kev! I remember seeing you there, too. What a small world, but that's a good thing, right?
»anne ||  1/18/2003 ||  4:37:32 PM

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