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after all, you're my wonderclaw

From Mrs. Robot
Here's my new song about our cat sung to the tune of oasis' "wonderwall"
I said kitty, you're the one who's pretty
cos after all, you're my wonderclaw

Fact of the day
Scottish People are funny

Two Noses: New Show
Those lovely Dos Nasals have a new show planned for Febuary. Check out the webber-net site for more info.

Speaking of Feb
Febuary is the birthday month of happyrobot. What year is it now? Anyone? I guess i can check the History page.
1999 was when the domain was bought, so that is 4 years. wow. 5 years if you count 1998 and the pre-domain name site.
Let's all eat cake together.
Funnily, the happyrobot birthdate is the same as mine. And on my birthday, I am off to a corporate retreat thing, so I will be out of town and out of reach for that week.
I think "Funnily" should be a word.
Maybe we should party the first weekend of Febuary.

Trainy Train Train
Lord. This morning I hop onto the train and off we go. And by "off we go", I really mean go halfway to the next stop and then grind to a halt.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a train in front of us. We will be moving shortly."
No big deal, until they announce 5 minutes later that this train in front of us is stalled and there are trains piling up behind us.
Minutes drag on and on. People slowly start to disrobe out of their winter gear.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, because of the stalled train, we are going to have you all walk forward to the first car and get off on the platform"
Sweet. When I relayed this to some people later, they thought that it meant that you had to walk on the actual tracks, but no. My understanding was that they would pull our train up to the edge of the platform or up to the stalled train and have walk through the stalled train to safety or what not.

The fun fact here is that I was in the last car, and this was the F train which in most cases doesn't allow you to freely walk between cars. The conductor would have to come through the whole train to unlock every door.

These are the people around me:
1. Oldish woman, spoke no English. Was all freaked out about something. I think she began to hyperventilate. Someone spoke Spanish and told her that all was ok.
2. Young red-headed girl who was constantly struggling to see if the conductor was here yet. I wanted to give her a tranquilizer.
3. Really tall guy who was sweating.
4. Dumb guy who kept saying dumb shit.
5. Woman who asked me what time it was. She kept touching my bottom with her magazine.
This late train thing totally threw my day off. Dang. I had this meeting this morning and I was like, "um, oh, uh, uh, I have no idea".
Not prepared at all.
I look like a turd.

Cheering for the little guy
This weekend we saw a few movies, one of which was finally seeing Lord of Some Rings: Dos Toweroes. I found LOTR:2 a much more entertaining movie than LOTR:1, but there were still moments of, "who the hell is that?" and "is that an elf or a troll?"
And what about those marauding trees - wacky.

Oh, but what got me "a thinkin'" was how Americans always love that story about the scrappy band of rebels who do things their own ways and win the battle despite overwhelming odds. I think we, as a society, have to officially stop rooting for the little guy since our scrappy little country is now the most powerful force on the face of the earth and has been for some time. The scrappy little band of rebels are now fighting against us.

Figure this… you are a soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq or where ever. You are in some rag-tag little posse and you climb to the top of the hill that looks down onto the valley floor and you see thousands of American troops marching with weapons and their jets and tanks are getting fueled and armed.
You think, "oh my god, we are going to die!" and your buddy is like, "have faith or hope or someshit"

Of course, this is all Hollywood - but it makes you think.

I am not a big fan of the planned Iraq War II, but I am not a fan of anti-war protestors either. They are so whiney.

I am now accepting any donations of Leica camera equipment. It will be put to good use.

whiney like, wah, wah, wah the train is stalled?
»anne ||  1/21/2003 ||  1:29:20 PM
»matthew ||  1/21/2003 ||  1:36:54 PM
you reminded me of a Garrison Keillor article in Salon from a while back. Either I can't find it, or they chose not to archive it. Garrison gets real pissed by Minnosota elections. He's angry and shrill, completely unlike his aesthetically pleasing: " I'm a liberal but I like people, too. "
sure was cold in Washington last Saturday.
»anne ||  1/21/2003 ||  1:38:39 PM
bring the party rich!
»liz ||  1/21/2003 ||  1:54:37 PM
funnily is the best word. i often say the phrase "funnily enough..." and then go on to tell something that is weird but funny. and i often wrap it up by saying "is funnily even a word?" now you know how exciting a conversation can be with me.
»lisa ||  1/21/2003 ||  1:55:48 PM
was i whining about the train - i am re-reading my words. i am not sure i was. was i?
i still get annoyed by anti-war protestors, but honestly, pretty much any protestors annoy me. especially how they try to simplify an issue down to 4 words for a poster.
I don't disagree with protestors, it's just that many of them disagree with me (like food) on a people basis.
»:r ||  1/21/2003 ||  2:57:03 PM
so, were you there this weekend?

(egg on face)
»:r ||  1/21/2003 ||  2:58:16 PM
PAR-TAY! .... yeah!
»k ||  1/21/2003 ||  3:02:05 PM
crap. now I have to throw out my posters.
»chris ||  1/21/2003 ||  5:36:00 PM
are you kidding? It was FREAK'IN cold. please don't ask me if I voted in the last election, either.
Do ask me, however, if I accidently threw away my dad's NRA membership renewal application.
»anne ||  1/21/2003 ||  9:37:08 PM
No fair. My birthday is in February, too. And so is tim's, right?
And you will all party without me. That makes me so sad. whine whine whine. I am turning 30.
»ponesh ||  1/22/2003 ||  7:45:09 AM

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