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war monger party time with Bobby Brown

Being that Febuary 2/3 is the birthday of the website, I think we need to have a small robot gathering. Unfortunately Pony won't be around - her birthday is... um, like a few days after mine I think. So we will celebrate in her honor (and with her sister).
Let's all think about January 31 (Fri) or Febuary 1 (Sat).

Bobby Brown
How is he still famous? I keep seeing Whitney talking about Bobby being the king of R&B or someshit.
When did this happen?
The Houston-Brown house must be a nutty place to live.

Whiney Train II
Hello? Is the MTA out to make me lose my job? This morning someone pulled an emergency brake on a train 3 stations before mine allowing me the opportunity to stand on the platform for 20 minutes.
Luckily my desk is in the farthest corner of the office so no one even knows if I am ever here… or still alive… or wearing pants… or not smoking weed.

Late Birthday Greeting
HB Robin!

So, I got zinged on my statement about finding anti-war protestors whiney. I am not a big fan of attacking Iraq - it seems like it will just inflame the hatred of the US in the middle east and with muslims in general. And the American public hasn't been really clued in as to why Iraq is suddenly a threat, a fact that is more obvious since North Korea is like, "hey, look at our nuclear missiles. Yup. We got nukes. Yup. We are just going to sit here and clean them… clean our nuclear missiles - nice and shiny. Yup. That's what we got. Right here."

I don't know. This whole issue tires me to end. It's such a mess on so many levels. Sure, oil is a huge part of it, but unfortunately oil is a major component of our day to day lives. We use energy like it's growing on trees.
We are lazy fatties.
We need alternative sources of energy, but I think we all realize that this won't happen until either we can't see our hands in front of faces because of smog -or- we just run out.
Human nature. Capitalism.

I just don't want to come off as some sort of rebulican war-monger because I found anti-war protestors 'whiney'.
[I mean war is a necessary evil - it's the original necessary evil. No war is a great idea, but we are humans. We make war. Sometimes for no reason - sometimes for good reason. I am not particularly against war itself I suppose. This Gulf War II seems like a bad idea, but I would gladly fight in a war and get shot if I believed in whatever we were fighting for.]

Things I would go to war for:
1. food
2. water
3. girls
4. land
Probably missed a few there. But you get the idea.

Stamp Stamp Stamp
The mailman (or mailperson, or mailguy) just brought me the rubber stamps I had ordered. I now have a happyrobot stamp which I plan on stamping all over the place. Stamp!
Send me some paper and I will stamp it.

1. France
2. Julia Stiles
3. This time, it's personal
»matthew ||  1/22/2003 ||  11:02:04 AM
»nster ||  1/22/2003 ||  11:08:26 AM
you call that zinged? You were not. Bad trains are bad, and it's ok to say so. Bad military action is bad, but it's about impossible to talk about without everyone covering their ears and going "make it stop!".
I don't have it in me to do or say anything meaningful about it. + while I don't drive an SUV, I do drive a big ol hunk of a van.
lazy fatty
»anne ||  1/22/2003 ||  11:32:43 AM
i think i am going to go shoe shopping.
»:r ||  1/22/2003 ||  11:52:10 AM
can you stamp my arm?
»lis ||  1/22/2003 ||  4:06:03 PM
Can you stamp me? I am the king of pop.
»bobbybrown ||  1/22/2003 ||  5:59:51 PM
»tim ||  1/22/2003 ||  8:01:21 PM
I vote for party on Feb 1, so we can come after we move!!!
»reba ||  1/23/2003 ||  5:44:37 PM

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