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Telemarketers make out with monkey

Picture Monkey!
Evan of Picture Monkey fame bought his own little domain.
He is pointing it to his site now very, eh? And a great domain name in general.

I can't stress enough how handy the DMA Do Not Call list is (one of the few good things the sleazily annoying DMA does). If you haven't signed up for it, you should.

Notice that they charge you $5 if you want to apply online, yet it's free if you apply via mail. Is it cheaper to have someone organize the mail and then type in your name into a database than have their site automatically chuck it in there for you?
Maybe it's meant to prevent people from entering everybody they know - abusing the system some how.

The fact that we have to Opt-Out of telemarketing itself is pretty funny - I don't ever recall opting in, actually. I guess being born opts you in.
As you are coming out of your mother, you notice that little checkbox that says:
__ By exiting this womb you accept the Terms and Conditions of the universe, including broken hearts, telemarketing, taxes, old age, Capri-Sun drinks, Sunday circulars, and door to door encyclopedia salesmen.

You notice too late that it's already checked. Crap!

If your state has a Do Not Call list, sign up for that, too. And be sure to scour your credit card bills for any options to opt-out of them sharing your information and junkmail.

Many states are adopting a Do Not Call list, and I was reading an article about the pending legistlation in Maryland and Virginia and noticed that the plans proposed require the public to pay to be added to the list AND then pay an annual fee to stay on the list.
Granted, it will take some work to manage this list and all, but why in the world is this cost coming from the public?
If someone wants to telemarket, fine. They have to run their database through their state's DO NOT CALL list first, and I imagine that it costs money to do that.
Why can't the telemarketing firms pay extra to cover the fees?
They are the reason people have to opt-out in the first place.

Interestingly, I was reading something about the NY state Do Not Call List system and if a number is placed on it, that number can never be called, even if the person moves or dies or changes number. No matter what.
I don't want to side with the telemarketers, but that seems a little extreme.
Or maybe not. I don't know.

Conversation with Pony in India
but, in other news, you held hands with a monkey

yes. he was technically taking a peanut from my hand
it felt so nice
to have a monkey take my hand
and then a mommy monkey with a baby monkey at her breast
ran up and stole the rest of my nuts from my pocket
for a second I pulled them back
and then I thought:
i am fighting for peanuts with a monkey mom
who was the monkey there, I ask you

Making Out
I love stories about making out

yeah but how can i get off the spam email list!!!!
»k ||  1/23/2003 ||  4:07:48 PM
that darkness dining experience sounds like the old Seven Minutes in Heaven game. No wait, it sounds like Pure Hell!!! Scary.
»reba ||  1/23/2003 ||  5:42:35 PM

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