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it destroyed my computer

Great weekend. Ate lots. Drank lots. Saw nice people.
Only bad thing was that our pal Joanna came down with a 100-something degree temperature Saturday night.
Feel better!

Amazon reviews
I love idiots. As I was reading a review for a SimCity game, I found this one:

Horrible, January 21, 2003
Reviewer: A gamer from Sunnyvale, Ca United States
This game stunk, it destroyed my computer and im not joking!b It destroyed my brand new [computer] not only that i called maxis for a replacement computer and it has been a month and they still havent called me back. Now i lost my 1,000+ computer and cant do anything.

Sweet. Maxis, if you didn't know, is the company that made the game.
The game destroyed his computer. Yow.

So, here I am at the liquor store. I am buying a bottle of sweet vermouth. As the clerk is ringing it up, a man comes up to the register and asks what kind of cheap liquor they have.
"You have Ripple? Night Train?"
The clerk replies that they don't, but they do have Cisco.
The only reason I mention this is that the customer had that college professor look, was dressed fairly nice and looked like he had bathed in the past week.

The clerk then turns to me and says, "You are 21 one?" and I do my 'funny' thing where I pretend to forget obvious things - like i have to think about it.
I don't know why I started this habit (or when) but it's beginning to annoy me. But, that is for another day.
I faltered, and said, "Um, uh, 32"
He immediately was thinking, "I busted this kid" and asks to see my ID.

As a guy who has looked like he was 19 most of his adult life, being mistaken for a teen isn't as nearly as fun as you'd expect.
But wait, would teens really be buying sweet vermouth in the first place?

New Things on the Robot
Hey, there is a new postcard page. You'll see it's a different layout, but there is also the ability to send them to more than one person. I also built in a bunch of other features behind the scenes - you'll just have take my word on that.

Also, you might notice that Picture Monkey now has a comments section. Yay.

Now that looks poopie.

Damn Teens
Last night on the way to a bar, we watched a little pack of teens walking down our street hassling squares.
I first noticed them because they were yelling at this poor 100yr, 3 foot tall old man. Then they would do that thing where they pretend to hit people as they passed them.
For blocks and blocks they were doing this.
I don't know what I am trying to say except that it made me extremely angry to see them scaring the shit out of innocent pedestrians.
I can totally see how people get shot.
I was thinking that if was a person who carried a gun and some idiots were hassling me - I am not sure I could make a reasonable judgment. Just watching them was making me angry - if was the one being hassled, I can't imagine what kind of emotions would be going through my mind.
If my wife was involved... lord.

Damn Teens: I'm with you Mr. Robot. I am an anti-gun nut, but sometimes I wish I had one to shoot some teens . . .maybe we can sign up for Jiu-Jitsu lessons together.
»klutchxls ||  1/27/2003 ||  1:11:28 PM
Isn't your birthday coming up soon? I say we all chip in and buy Rich a gun.
»chris ||  1/27/2003 ||  1:15:12 PM

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