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Robot Party 2003

Drink Robot
There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one

With those words, Kenny and Michael belted out the global heart warming hit, "We are the World".

And now, almost two decades later as the world careens towards an impending apocalypse, we gather, not to break bread with our brethren, but to drink and celebrate the birth of a pesky internet website: happyrobot.

For the event, we have dispatched retired bounty hunters to drag as many people possible to NYC… you will see world famous "Tim!" and "HonkyCracker", plus regionally famous Eric Willhelm and TV famous "Tamara". Plus you can marvel at American Patriot and target of Pat, "Matt Johnson" and his world famous balls (balls shown only by special appointment). And if you are nice, "Liz" may show you her ‘special' tattoo – the one of Kenny Rogers.

And hopefully many others (looking at Cootie and Matthew now).

This Friday, starting "After work". 6:30ish / 7:00ish at our usual haunt, the unfortunately named Magician Bar on Rivington (NE corner of the intersection with Essex – take the F to Delancy and walk north).

If you are in town, drop by and say, "hello".

what time is the happyrobot corporate lear jet leaving RDU?
»lis ||  1/28/2003 ||  11:47:43 AM
Could we put a Concord flight from India on the company expese account? My sister, hopefully, will be there in my place. I hope you all get loud and unruly!
»ponesh ||  1/29/2003 ||  8:47:36 AM

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