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Please shoot me now
Lord. So, I had all the ideas and topics for things to write about. Entertaining and thought provoking ideas about love, war, life, puppies, Chewbaca, boobies, and funny tidbits from the past 4 years of robot life.

But, all this pales in comparison to the fact that McDonalds sucks.
Why oh why did I eat there?
See, all my co-workers wanted to go there - they are good folks, but maybe misguided in terms of food.
They even gave me an 'out', but peer pressure won and I gave in.

I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and a small coke. Something is making me feel awfully "icky" right now. Honestly, it could be either item, or a deadly combination of the two.

What have I learned?
I give in to peer pressure sometimes.
McDonalds sucks as much as I expected it to.
Wi-Fi is not a popular topic with the head IT guy here.

Oh, sweet Lisa
Lisa, you know you are special. I have feelings for both you and your husband and it warms my cockles to know that you are together.
And your happy dog.
Aw, warm cockles.

But, the fact that you want to see the screwiest movie of the year, Maid in America, contributes to my not so fresh feeling right now. I am sorry - I just can't condone that.
I will be reaching out to your husband to see if he can right your ways.
Oh, sweet Lisa.

Judge not pee be judged
Granted, I am sure I could walk out on the street and within 5 minutes find a person who likes McDonalds AND liked Maid in America.
I am sure that they are nice folks who mean well.

Our cat is getting heavy.

Friday Night Robot Party 2003
I am looking forward to seeing peeps tomorrow night. It should be a fun time had by all.
I promise not to complain about McDonalds tomorrow night (unless that is what we want to talk about).

A co-worked says that his band's practice space is right down the hall from the space that the Strokes use. They are apparently recording a new album.
Took them long enough.

People at my work say I am too quiet. I don't talk.
I sit at my desk with my 'pod banging on my keyboard… I forget that people like to talk to people sometimes.
Speaking of work, "Hey Irene! This keyboard you gave me sucks."
Oh well.


»evan ||  1/30/2003 ||  5:25:45 PM
Step off McDonalds.
»crom ||  url || 1/31/2003 ||  1:02:04 AM
Oops, that's not my url.
»other evan ||  url || 1/31/2003 ||  1:03:02 AM
i also went to see "two weeks notice". and i own "legally blonde" on dvd. now i'm on your list for sure, huh?
»lisa ||  1/31/2003 ||  8:54:08 AM
two weeks notice - yea. legally blonde, well, i like reese - that wasn't so bad.
»:r ||  1/31/2003 ||  9:33:42 AM
wish i could be there for the
birthday festivities. I am
celebrating for us both here
in NC. Virgin daiquiris all

»bec ||  1/31/2003 ||  10:03:20 AM

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