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Matt Johnson is a Bastard

Matt Johnson: You Bastard
Mrs. Robot has this cousin. He got married fairly young and is now going through divorce proceedings. His wife had been getting busy with her boss (a dentist) and got busted for it.
Oh well.
We hadn't been in on the details of all this, but Mrs. Robot's aunt wrote her an email the other day with the family news, including this line:

He's still torn up about Mendi and Dr. Matt Johnson.

Rich if your grandmother or aunt looked at your website they wouldn't know what they saw.

So, I am about to reach the age of Jesus. The age when he died. Or didn't die and came back.
I think it was maybe a year and a half ago when my body was finally like, "Listen, you have had a good run, but we can't do this anymore. I am taking over."
Since then, I have got to experience all sorts of fun things like heart burn and random, unexplained soreness.
And open wounds on my hands.. wait, no.
I don't have stigmata.

If you suffer from heartburn, here are a few 'flags' to look for in your diet:
Spicy food
Citrus Fruit

Fun, eh? Cut back on those things and you'll be all right. I mean, you'll be living a boring ass life gastronomically, but you won't have heart burn.

My desk
I officially hate my f*cking desk here at work. Stupid layout. I have no room for my computer here (um, hello?).
I won't get into, but this is by far the suckiest desk I have ever had.
I will take a pay cut for a better desk - really. Send me an offer.
Bring it.

I need one.

I am. According to my father-in-law. But in the good sneaky way, and not the 'I have a wife and child in another town and I am married to three women" way.

Birthday Loot so far
2 books from Mom y Dad
4 homemade cds from Mark
1 'counter-terrorism' soldier action figure from the Gilmers
1 photo of mark making an obscene gesture in a doctor's office

[note: I just had the hardest time spelling "soldier". WTF. Stupid brain.]

Lord of some things
Did you read the lastest The Wrong Squid? Awesome.
I ain't a midget, I'm a freakin' hobbit,
got more knives than Lorena Bobbitt
Got a bald dude mullet like my homey Smeagol
don't need a pony, gonna ride a beagle

I was just freestylin', yo
»el squido incorrecto ||  1/31/2003 ||  10:44:52 AM
»potro ||  2/2/2003 ||  4:37:21 AM
py Birthday, Rich! Send me your address. I have loot for you.

»ponesh ||  2/2/2003 ||  4:38:23 AM

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