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Cruel way to die + Facts about me

To die at a Great White show in Rhode Island because of a problem with a pyrotechnics display - it doesn't get any worse than that.

4 facts about Great White
1. They were nominated for a grammy
2. They played the American Music Awards show in 1990
3. I don't ever think I heard their hit song
4. Vocalist Jack Russell likes to keep it real

3 facts about Rhode Island
1. The birthplace of Pat and John Lawton
2. Population is a little over 1 million
3. Highest Point: Jerimoth Hill; 812 feet

11 facts about me
1. I worked with the lead singer of Modern English (big hit: Melt with you) at MetLife Insurance as a temp. He liked to wear tight black pants and puffy white shirts. I hope rock stars everywhere after reading this go out and buy a good financial planning book.

2. I never went to a real summer camp as a kid. Most likely due to the wealth of fun outdoorsy things in my town I suspect

3. One pre-teen summer my mother thought it might be nice if we went to vacation bible school. I have no idea why she thought it would be a good idea - our family was never very religious. My brother and I protested so much that Mom relented and we only ended up going two days.

4. I was once on David Lettermen. Well, I was in the crowd, but I was sitting behind this guy who was all jolly and they kept putting him on camera. You can see me behind him bouncing around like a dork.

5. I wrote a letter to the TV show ZOOM once (about what, I have no idea) and they sent me a sticker.

6. I have never seen a US president in real life.

7. When the first tower was falling on 9/11, I was buying my breakfast in a deli.

8. The cops once came and told me that my party was too loud. They knew my name and everything, which was kind of odd.

9. happyrobot was originally called "Rich's Stuff". For like a month.

10. When I was a DJ in college, I was fired 3 times (and rehired of course). The local newspaper guy came and wrote an article about my show, The Lima Bean Hour. The show had no real theme or purpose, and the name was irrelevant. See a pattern?

11. My grandmother listened to my radio show usually every week. She told me not to play the English Beat's 'Mirror in a Bathroom'. Why? She wouldn't say.
Just don't.

I was home from college on break once, watching MTV with my dad. This hair metal monstrosity took over the screen, leading me to say, "What the hell is this crap?" My father very excitedly said, "Oh this is Great White Once Bitten, Twice Shy." That Christmas he asked for a Great White tape. Which still sits in his car to this day.
»epk ||  2/21/2003 ||  12:49:04 PM
My radio show was called terminally groovie ... no one heard it unless they were in the cafeteria.... The lunch ladies were my audience.
»k ||  2/21/2003 ||  3:27:58 PM
1) I was on Romper Room.
2a) I had a radio show called 'Jazz Fish Zen.'
2b) I had a radio show called 'Cardinal Paisley and the Ampex Cotillion.'
2c&d) Other leading contenders were 'Cardinal Paisley and the Sitar Hymnal' and 'Cardinal Paisley and the Saffron Congregation.'
2e) Cardinal Paisley is an actual name that I found while filing at a temp job.
2f) The end.
»the cromulent ||  url || 2/21/2003 ||  4:35:29 PM
Fuck. That's not my url.
»the cromulent ||  url || 2/21/2003 ||  4:36:35 PM
all excellent information. thank you all.
»lisa ||  2/21/2003 ||  6:42:08 PM
I, too, am from Rhode Island and am fortunate to know Mr. John Lawton. oh yeah, and Pat.
other fun facts: actual state name is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
The Guardian had the story on its front page.
»bean ||  2/21/2003 ||  8:56:55 PM
I had two radio shows, THE SHOTGUN CATHEDRAL (all Elvis Presley) and THE 1900 HOUR (all sounds recorded prior to 1950). I was relegated to the late night slot, which was also the early morning slot.
»matthew ||  2/23/2003 ||  11:47:46 AM

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