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Youth, Subway Doors, and History (mine)

My Youth
As a young punk who hassled squares, I was known by many nicknames (AKA "street names")... such as:
- young turk
- snowy egret
- J.Lo
- boobie weasel
- steve
- Coca-Cola presents Slammy, the goodhearted street thug
- gopher of tv's love boat
- grimace
- little bunny fu-fu
- fantastic dan
- kenny rogers roasters
- Mitch
- John Lawton
- Joe Hundredaire
- tanny
- punchy

Open your door
That tragic fire in the South Korea last week started me thinking about safety issues on the ol' NYC transit system. Mainly concern over the fact that too many of the subway cars have their doors locked – the ones between the cars.
The rumored logic is that many of the lines have such sharp turns that if riders were walking between the cars on those curves they would be in great danger.
Cool. I can understand that.
But what if something happens. How do you get those doors open? I *assume* the MTA has thought about this right? On my morning commute; I shouldn't worry because all the doors between the cars are locked up tight – correct? I am sure they will open if there is an emergency or something, right?

Why do I fear this topic will be a Daily News huge ass dumb headline one day if something happens…

Reliving history
I have this dumb Yahoo account that I only use if I am out of town and need to check my mail. Yesterday I noticed that I hadn't cleaned out my sent box since 1998. I found a few items that you might/might not find funny.

But, before that, here are some possible usernames for my dumb Yahoo account:

OK, the following are things from my SENT BOX:

[this happened in 1999. i had sent it to pirate fan Tamara]
Friday October 06 10:27 AM EDT
Man Falls Off Empire State Building

NEW YORK (AP) - A man dressed in a pirate costume plunged 65 stories to his death at the Empire State Building.

It was not clear whether the 18-year-old Canadian man committed suicide or if his fall Thursday night was an accident, said Sgt. James Foley, a police spokesman.

His name was not being released until the family is notified.

The incident happened around 9:15 p.m. after the man managed to climb over the tall barriers on the 86th floor observation deck of the landmark building. He fell 65 stories to an outcropping on the 21st floor, Foley said.

[I got married 9/16/2000. my pal scott was invited but didn't show up. I got this email from him when i checked my account on our honeymoon]
Me and gina bought you a wedding present. we proceeded to make motel reservations and arrangements for Max to stay at my parents house for the weekend.


I am so sorry. I'm sure you barely noticed I wasn't there but I genuinely wanted to go. Oh well. At least me and gina get to celebrate our anniversary in the mountains. hope it went well and your first time having sex wasn't too awkward.

[for fun in the 90's, me and Mrs. Robot put ads in the Voice to see if we could find each other's ads. This was her's - the 'Dan' reference kind of gave her away though]
Red-head ready to rumble, 27 WF looking for someone to spend time w/because that's all I can afford.
Must be funny, but not funny looking, hotdogs and drinks.

[1999 we spent a week on the farm. i sent this to kristen. that summer we had to keep track of like 100 kittens.]
Farm Issues
To Kristen Martin

So far today:

1. Yellow cat ran across the road to play in the bean field. we don't like him to do that because he might hit by traffic. I chased him around the beans and caught him. on the way home, he scratched my hand.

2. We spotted 3 deer on the hill in the back. i got my camera and went to investigate, and when i got to the top of the hill, i found a total of 12 deer grazing in the field below.

My nickname was Kelly "B" ... as in Kelly "B" Rocker; she drinks lots of Vodka; please keep her picture in your Locker! ... I got mad rhymes. Word!
»k ||  2/25/2003 ||  8:20:59 PM
Kenny Rogers Roasters in the hizzouse!
»chris ||  2/26/2003 ||  1:26:09 PM
»nster ||  2/27/2003 ||  11:35:01 AM

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