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missed connections

missed connections
mattyJ posted that awesome link to the missed connections page on CraigsList. First, let me say, the F train is the best train for cool looking crackers (then I yell "Brooooklyn!!" and pump my fist in the air).

The missed connections thing is so charming and sweet and cute and shit. Playful.
When I was single (in the late 60's), I totally would have used the missed connections thing - although I suspect in order to be a M.C. it has to be a 2-way thing. Otherwise, I would be posting everyday with ones like, "I saw you at the deli - you ordered coffee. I hid behind the chips rack".
Sometimes I am painfully shy. People who have met me in some situations won't believe that - others will.

I don't know.
I love love.
Flirting is cute - although I suck at it myself. I like to hear about it. Flirting stories can be so heart warming and/or cute.

I suck at it. I do.
I am also married, so I am off the hook.
Thank god I am married - if I weren't the M.C. section of CL would be all these girls saying, "you were staring at me like a retard. are you a retard? Do you like me or did I have a booger on my nose?"

Oh, right.
We are riding the train home with this girl the other night... christine. kristine. chrysteen. whatever.
She tells us the story of her roommate who is out on a date that very night (third date actually) with a guy she 'met' on the subway.

She was riding the train and there is this handsome guy standing behind her. She is reading something, and writes in the margin:
"if you are reading this, here is my number: 718-...."

He called her and they went out.
(I am sure I totally butchered the details of this story)
Cute story though.

subway story
Did you read the new one? That just happened this morning.
Wow! The Sick Passenger is right there.

I was never able to flirt till long after I became unavailable. Something about not having a dog in the fight - also the mom part- which I'll admit to being a little weird- but allows me to feel nicely invisible & maternally affectionate towards the world.
me: smiling at darling boy/man.
him: smiling back.
It is fun and cute, and a skill I should have cultivated in my pre-antioxident days.

»anne ||  2/27/2003 ||  1:14:37 PM
heck- sorry bout the extra space. I edited to not hog space. But now you got yer long blank space + my explanation. Here, watch me flirt.
; )
»anne ||  2/27/2003 ||  2:30:39 PM
yeah, my friend married a guy she met on a train. believe it.

and believe this:

I am a wicked flirt and have great respect for the art form. But sometimes craig's list just makes me want to say, "Go and get some balls".
»raquel ||  2/27/2003 ||  3:10:07 PM

can I borrow your balls?
»chris ||  2/28/2003 ||  9:12:33 AM
i agree about the balls. i was thinking the same thing when reading some of them yesterday. a lot of them sounded very one-way. like the other person didn't even see them.
raquel. you have nice balls.
»:r ||  2/28/2003 ||  10:33:12 AM

You can come by and pick up my balls tomorrow around lunch time. How long will you need them for? Tuesday Special $25 p/hr each.
»raquel ||  3/3/2003 ||  2:39:11 PM
I'm thinking 3 hours. so that's $150, right?
Is 1:00 good?
»chris ||  3/4/2003 ||  8:54:02 AM
I flirt with my balls. That is to say, I pull my balls out and just let 'em hang there. Soon after, the girls come runnin'!

...oh wait, that's not what I meant at all! What I meant is that I like to flirt WITH my balls, as in I try to pick up my own balls! Hey, you would too if you saw how cute they are!
»bally ball ball ||  3/11/2003 ||  10:02:43 AM
"I saw you at the deli - you ordered coffee. I hid behind the chips rack".
made me LOLFR
»anne ||  3/19/2004 ||  12:13:41 AM

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