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pre-teen Cannonball Run - these bleeds?

Peepin' out at me
Ike Turner's song, "Garbage Man" is just so great. Have you heard this? I should post it somewhere so everyone can download it.
If you have it somewhere, listen to it today, as I declare today "Ike Turner's Garbage Man Day".
Hey hey girl i am your garbage man - i come around your house each and every day - i just want to know your name. i am your garbage man..

Yesterday I saw a freaky lady stuffing items into her stockings under her dress. Security guys were standing around watching. She left and I don't think anyone even stopped her.
Good job!

My movie review of Cannonball Run (part 1)
This should be in the 2SMR section, but, well, it's not new and i can't sum it up in two sentences. CR1 (as we'll call it) was one of the first films i went to without my parents when I was a pup. My friend George invited me to go and for some reason my mother agreed even after looking at the ad in the paper featuring cleavage, fast cars, and Burt Reynolds.

I really had no idea what the movie was about, but George had all these older brothers and sisters and one of them worked in the local theatre so George was privy to what was hot in the movie world. The movie, if I remember correctly, starts with a Lamborghini being chased by a cop in a hysterical fashion. Whoops! Where's the Lamborghini? Hey, there it is!
Something happens, like they finally get caught and there is some cleavage involved. I suspect that may have been my first realization of "Boobies!" (Much to the chagrin of past girlfriends everywhere).

Let me say this, I could go online to IMDB and tell you exactly who's cleavage it was or look up the exact chain of events of the opening sequence, but you know, I'd rather it be this hazy, pre-teen sugar coated memory.
Back on track.

Key parts of the movie:
-Bourbon swilling Dean Martin & Sammy Davis (birth of my love of 'brown' spirits)

-Comical Jackie Chan doing karate - bad Asian stereotypes abound, but hey, i am like 11 here.

-Some guy driving a truck into the lobby of the hotel and then asking, "Where's the hookas?"

-Terry Bradshaw and a stuttering Mel Tillis driving their truck into the pool

-Burt Reynolds and freaky Dom DeLuise

-Farah (it was one of those, "Oh, this is why boys like her" moments)

What fun. It was as if they made this movie for the developing brains of pre-teen boys. Cars!
Drunken priests!

I suspect it hasn't aged well, so if you see it and it sucks, don't judge me. I was 11.

Is it my imagination or do some people named Burt spell it Bert?

ok, i broke down and went on IMDB. There was a part one and a part two and i wasn't sure which I had seen.
I saw the first one, which was in the ancient year of 1981 (pre-happyrobot).
I did see a funny tidbit in the user review section - i totally forgot that Roger Moore played a guy who pretended to be Roger Moore...
"Roger Moore look-alike (played by Roger Moore) who likes to pretend that he IS Roger Moore"

Caught you lookin' at my stockings!

Thanks for the shout out!

»freaky lady ||  3/5/2003 ||  3:45:27 PM
hi - are you sure "Garbage Man" is by Ike Turner? can't find it anywhere...
thanks, C
»colleen ||  3/5/2006 ||  3:38:06 PM
Hi Colleen
Amazon has the track on a funk compilation. It's listed as " Garbage Man - Ike Turner Presents The Family Vibes "

The Family Vibes? I am wondering if that is how the song is officially credited.
»:r ||  url || 3/5/2006 ||  7:27:56 PM

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