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get off my lawn!

We the undersigned
I recieved one of those petitions to say NO TO WAR today - if work was really slow, I am thinking I would take the "petition" and resend it out with another cause.

"We the undersigned pledge to eat more ham"
"We the undersigned demand equal rights for ducks in the workplace"
"We like kitties and puppies"

Hi Mike
I had this friend Mike. His father was a minister of some sort. Actually, his father was a very interesting chap - one of the most well read people I have ever eaten dinner with.
It was almost comical how much he knew - like any obscure topic he would know something about (hmm, i guess he was basically future MattyJ).

I don't know this for a fact, but I will bet donuts to pancakes that his parent's thought I was some sort of bad influence.

Was I?
Did I set out to be?
It just happens. Mike was a willing partner in crime.

Mike and I ended up attending university together (ha), but my junior year he didn't come back after winter break. His parents had moved that year, so I had no way to contact him. He had vanished.
Then I was distracted by pretty girls and rock shows and that was it.

How's Mike?
I had all these weird dreams this past weekend.
One was about running into Mike at a conference and he hands me his business card and I realize that we work for the same company - just not in the same office.

all day Monday I kept thinking, "I should contact Mike". I went to Google and he was no where to be found, but his father has much more of a web presence and I found him easily (with photo and email address to boot).
I wrote to his father and got a reply last night. Mike is married and a father and is teaching at a private school way down south (no, further down south that that).

The other dream I had was about aliens in our apartment. They had just kind of moved in with us and were the drooly movie Alien aliens.
The gist of the dream was that they went out (possibly to the store to get eggs and cheese) and while they were gone I grabbed Mrs. Robot and exclaimed, "we have to get out of here, when they get back they are going to kill us".
So, we set about packing our stuff and I was getting really impatient with her because she was neatly folding all the laundry.
I kept yelling, "don't fold the laundry - stuff it in a trash bag - the aliens are coming back and they will kill us"

I woke up horrified / furious. Like movie style wake-up: all of a sudden my eyes open wide.

I was grumpy for the first couple of hours of that day.

Can I be a Puritan now?
I am not even half way there, but I am already becoming the grumpy old man. The old man yelling at the kids on the lawn.
Hasn't the pendulum of wickedness swung far enough? Are we heading the other direction anytime soon?
This is a strange feeling for me, but i have found myself getting the inklings of moral outrage over the media, society, the world...

Actually, it's a pretty good form of birth control and keeps the biological clock from ticking too loud - some days you are just like, "there is no way I am raising a child in this cesspool of a society".

get off my lawn!

"We think Saddam is smashingly handsome"
"happyrobot should feature more monkeys with nude women"
"We believe you were a bad influence on Mike"
"we thought Joe Millionaire rocked!"
"we pledge to vote for Bush again"
"We the undersigned think that Physical Graffitti was the best Zeppelin album"
"We demand you bring Kristen back"

I demand you brink Kristin back. You can add my name to that list.

Thank you.
»klutch.xls ||  3/11/2003 ||  3:28:03 PM
I have been having a lot of freaky dreams too ... my friends say i should stop smoking the crack ... maybe you should get off the pipe too
»k ||  3/11/2003 ||  8:39:34 PM
Just say no to the Pipe!
»gwb ||  3/12/2003 ||  11:53:00 AM

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