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Things I have seen in the past 24 hours

Things I have seen in the past 24 hours
  • A woman ran past my office door crying

  • This freaky couple on the train. Big woman, huge painted nails, too much make-up, and a cane. She was nervous about something, and her equally freaky husband was trying to get her mind off it by talking about Abe Vagoda and how Abe adopted some children. Or something. When they got off, everybody was exchanging those, "WTF" glances.

  • Two women in restaurant - mid-late 20's probably. One casually mentions that she worked at Hooters and the other one exclaims, "omigod you worked at hooters!? Why didn't i know this?!". Hooter girl liked her job and said the only time she got hassled was once by her boss - the patrons were all very nice.

  • My cat being scared of bubbles that I was blowing. One of mrs. robot's birthday gifts was 'cat-friendly bubbles' with cat-nip extract in them. Our cat was scared of the bubbles and stayed just out of range of them.

  • Rob Courdry from the Naked Babies doing a bit on the Daily Show about how much money is spent on raising children and asking the question, "are they really worth it?"

  • A most likely crazy woman on the street who's mental condition had to be something about applying 5 to 6 times the normal amount of make up.

  • Dave Chappele doing a spoof on that Mel Gibson movie, "what women want", but this time the women can read the men's minds. Hilarious. (btw, this would be a really bad idea - if women could read our minds. very very bad idea. mainly because of the 'they wouldn't stop slapping us' thing)

  • This girl on the train got off at second ave, and then jumped back on. As if she wasn't paying attention. The only reason i noticed this was that she had been standing in front of me and had these really wacky shoes on. i tried to figure out what the hell was going on with them, but then she got off the train. 20 seconds she got back on, and stood in front of me again and got off at the next stop.

  • a punk rock looking Hasidic guy

  • my stomach

  • Couch
    I think we are buying a couch. Moving from futon to couch. Maturity, here we come.

    um..we CAN read your minds.
    »phadpony ||  3/16/2003 ||  4:00:50 AM

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