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Happy Pat Saints Day, Teens!

I am not pretending to be announcing some incredible revelation, but the Kennedy's... WTF. Was that family just genetically disposed for tragedy?
Mrs. Robot is working on a documentary about one of the Kennedy folks and has been watching all these other documentaries about the rest of the family, and boy oh boy.

It's like some early Kennedy relative was in Hawaii and found a little Hawaiian god statuette in a construction yard and made it into a necklace and wore it all the time.
F'd up.

Here comes the war
This is just getting more and more interesting, isn't it? I mean, we got the UN and the rest of the world yankin' Bush's chain and not approving anything.
We have N. Korea lobbing missiles into the sea. Guys running around Pakistan looking for whats-his-name.

sites that link to happyrobot #482

My office neighbor describing ZZ Top
"Are they the guys with gray beards....they look like Santas on crack...."

Fried Chicken report
Matt and I are always on the lookout for good fried chicken, and I found another place to add to the list: Blue Ribbon (we went to the Park Slope location).
Tasty, but pricey.

That girl who was killed this weekend in Israel while trying to stop them from bulldozing a house was sad.
It's been a dramatic few days for attractive blonde white girls - the media's favorite victim. We had that Smart kidnapped girl coming home, now we have this poor girl.

America loves their pretty girls.
Mrs. Robot and I want to start a story about our pal Eric(W) being kidnapped and see if we can get the same attention.
We are thinking because he is not a pretty white girl, we won't be able to.

Mrs. Robot is half Irish (and half Greek - go figure). It's funny to even say that though. I am Scottish! And by Scottish I mean there was a relative maybe 200-300 years ago that came from Scotland.
I have never really done the St. Patrick's day thing - well, except once a few years ago when my brother was visiting. We were running around in midtown, and kept running into drunk high school kids.
They were obnoxious (just as we all were at that same age).
Cootie, I did disagree with one thing you said: we were as obnoxious as the kids today. Teens are all the same is my big life revelation.

Dear Teens,
Your parents did the same things you are now doing.

Somehow I had come up with a nice segue to go from St. Patrick's day to how I hate the Olive Garden. Probably something about co-opting a culture.
I have lost that train of thought.
The main point I suppose was I find it sad how the majority of the country spends their times in malls and strip malls eating at chain restaurants.
How sad it is that every town looks the same now.
Wal-Mart? Check.
Taco Bell? Check.
TGIFridays and/or Bennigans? Check
And on and on...

My favorite new Olive Garden ad is when the creepy lazy-eye guy says "My mother's cooking is full of surprises, like..." and shouting "Dog Balls! Pubes! Abe Lincoln!" before he says "The Olive Garden's."

Otherwise those ads are totally fucking offensive.
»epk ||  3/17/2003 ||  9:54:34 AM
The Olive Garden blows!
I can understand eating there if you live in Bumblefuck and don't know from decent italian food.
But to live in the tri-state area and even contemplate eating there boggles my mind.
»drawboard ||  3/17/2003 ||  10:09:01 AM
the fact that there is one in NYC may be some sort of biblical sign that the end is near.
»:r ||  3/17/2003 ||  10:13:35 AM
Kids these days behave much worse than I did when I was their age. Of course, back then, kids behaved worse than I, too.
»matthew ||  3/17/2003 ||  11:43:59 AM
I read an article on the Kennedy family once and it mentioned rumors of Pere Kennedy--ambassador to Ireland, purchaser of slaves (that he later sold), and importer of Whisky (he was part-owner of your company!!)--had made a pact with Satan for his family's success. Never trust Satan. And be careful with the Whisky.
»spanky ||  3/17/2003 ||  10:29:29 PM

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