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822 words. war. tv.

Good God I have found my new favorite TV show: Penn & Teller's Bullshit. It's on Showtime, a network I have never paid attention to but I am seriously thinking about getting just for this single show.
I found some episodes online and have watched two so far and they are just breathtakingly refreshing.

If you are not familiar with this show, it's Penn & Teller debunking various cultural items like alternative medicine or the purity of bottled water. The alternative medicine one was pretty great, especially the dissing of magnet therapy folks.

The 'refreshing' part, at least for me, comes from Teller's (or is it Penn's) sensitivity on some occasions. For instance during the part about chiropractors, they have footage of a little girl getting cracked and bent. Before the footage is shown he steps in to say that this is NOT funny and rails against the doctors for even thinking about doing this to children and their not even fully developed bones.
It's nice. He's not a smart ass all the time. He's got feelings and morals and stuff.
Stuff is good.

If you have ShowTime, you should be watching this. If not, get Showtime, or find a friend who has ShowTime, or download the episodes off of Kazaa[Lite] (I find that searching for "teller" is the best way - "penn" and "bullshit" pull up way too much porn).
In the meantime, check the site and watch the clips they have on there. This is f*cking great television.

That whole war thing
Well, we really started out doing well I suppose. Those first days I was like, "War Sucks! War Sucks! War… um, hey. Well, look at that… they seem to be all surrending. That's nice"
Really. I was totally thinking, "I still think George is a dimwit, but, you know, he may of actually planned this whole thing ok".
We walked through the war protestors on Broadway Saturday and I was pretty indifferent - "Yea, War is Bad, but whatever. This one may be over soon".
Then Sunday comes and all of a sudden there are Americans dead in Iraq (and this time they were actually killed by Iraqis [ow]).
All of a sudden it went from neat to messy.

I raise my glass of French (sorry) vodka to the troops there - good luck.
Kick ass.
Get home.

I just heard something on NPR that, well, almost warmed my heart. It was an interview with a young man at an Egyptian anti-Iraq-War protest and he basically said, "We are protesting the United States government, but we have no complaints with the American people themselves".
Granted, part of it was, "awesome - that's one less person that wants to kill me"… but I was also glad to see that the world (or at least this guy) had similar feelings to a lot of us.

BTW, I have no issues with Iraqi people - at least I don't think I do.
(Loud 3am music playing teens from Yemen though...)

"i don't know but i've been told this hippy shit has got real old"
-guy yelling at the protestors saturday

F*ck Ronald McDonald
Pretty great to see people in other countries busting up McDonald's restaurants. Although I may be a bit biased because last night I finished the chapter in the book Fast Food Nation about E.Coli outbreaks. You guys want to go smash McDonalds? This American says go ahead. Fly me over and I will help you out.
I have no qualms.
The Gap? Go ahead.
TGIF, Bennigans, Olive Garden, Hooters? I'll find you a map.
Coke? Use my bat.

email subject lines for junk mail in my cat's inbox (Part II)
This catnip will drive her crazy!
Dogs bathing
Does your tail get in the way?
Color Printing Solutions
Cheap Cat Snacks

If I was a soldier
My pants would be full of poo.
I saw those.. heart wrenching (?) photographs of the Americans the Iraqis grabbed. Was wondering what was going through their minds.
Not that I have ever even been close to a situation like that by miles, but I know whenever shit's all f*cked up, I just keep wishing I could magically be transported home. Not just home, but to my bedroom. In my bed. Preferrably with Mrs. Robot and Feline Robot asleep next to me.
And then I would think, "that was one weird dream".

If I was magical (and one day I will), home is where those US soildiers would be (but in their own beds, not mine).

(wait, but if they can only get to my bed, that is fine. We can sleep on the couch and I will buy them a plane ticket or something.)

keep it real Bill
Robot member and 'Week Link' contributor Bill/WilliamG may or may not be in Iraq. No one knows.
I do know he has a wife and newborn left behind somewhere out west.
Good luck G!

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