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I'm just a jawa in this world

Life imitates art
Let's try not to think about Star Wars and the Iraq war at the same time. Because I would hate to think that a rag-tag group of "rebels" who practice an ancient religion could ever beat some sort of empire… an empire who has extensive resources and weaponry.
Of course, the two fighting powers actually have a relationship of some sort, and fathers are involved and all.
I'm just a jawa in this world.

Old Man
WTF. Today I am leaving the office and I come around a corner too fast and almost run over this girl. Maybe mid-20's.
She says, "excuse me, sir"

This fellow comes in my office to ask me a question on a project we are working on together. He is youngish - probably right out of college.
I say something like, "I like all these, except this one. that is my 2 cents"
and he is like, "ok sir"
and i say, "I can't believe you just called me sir"
and he laughs, and then two minutes later calls me sir again.

And then the 25yr old gal next door tells me that she went out with a guy who was 30, but he didn't act that old.

I will never wear the green shirt I am wearing today ever again.

We bought a couch. A real, live couch. Our first.
No more futon. No more hand-me-downs.
Our own, real live couch.
Being delivered Saturday - on that note, we have a free futon to give away. Email me if interested (hit the contact button right there)

Selling wheels and flanges in a contemporary setting (mp3)

Dick Cheney
Come the F*ck on.
Do we look like morons? I mean, really.
"I am writing to inquire why the administration entered into a contract potentially worth tens of millions of dollars to a subsidiary of Halliburton without any competition or even notice to Congress," he said.
"The contract - to extinguish oil well fires in Iraq - has no set time limit and no dollar limit and is apparently structured in such a way as to encourage the contractor to increase its costs and, consequently, the costs to the taxpayer."
Oil fire contract uproar

competes with Kim Jong Il and Louis Farrakhan in televised international sunglasses competitions

Vive de largo el Platypus

Anyone watched this yet? It's good, it really is.

it's all that inherant confidence and powerful self-knowledge: that's why you're getting called "sir".
(more water, antioxidents, no green shirts)
»anne ||  3/28/2003 ||  8:54:51 AM
there's nothing worse than being called "ma'am". at least with "sir" you could be a sort of distinguised sean connery looking type fellow. "ma'am" just screams "old lady". hurmph.
»lisa ||  3/28/2003 ||  8:59:12 AM
i call the 25yr old girl next door "ma'am" all the time. so far she has not really noticed.
»:r ||  3/28/2003 ||  9:59:01 AM
I call women I do not know "miss." As in: "excuse me, miss? I think you dropped this."

Or: "miss, are you from Tennesee?"
»matthew ||  3/28/2003 ||  10:04:01 AM

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