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Hello Monkey Butler

What a strange looking word.
Couch. Couch. Couch.
Actually, it's a sofa, but when I write that it makes it sound like something my grams would own.
It arrived 8:30am Saturday much to our surprise. I mean, we knew it was coming, but not that early. It's pretty sweet.
Come have a seat.

I saw "Letters from Pat" Pat this weekend. He is lean, possibly mean, and most likely a fighting machine. His stint in basic training is over and I suppose he will now just be doing the reserves thing.
He looks great and I met one of his 57 brothers (he has a lot of brothers - I think it's a catholic thing).

I think there may be nudity on happyrobot. Any day now.
Hide the kids.

Monkey Butler
The company I work for (AKA the man) has an account with a bunch of car rental companies, and as an employee I can join all their preferred gold club dealies. I was reading over the advantages of the club and they include having your car waiting for you with a map and the keys in the ignition in a special fancy smancy area of the crappy rental car parking lot.
You just get in and go.

I was thinking there should be a monkey butler in the car, though. Now, that would be a gold club feature.
I want a monkey butler!
I want a monkey butler!
I want a monkey butler!

"Hello Monkey Butler. We are going to grandma's house - can you put a CD on and fix me a cold drink?"


"What would I do without you Monkey Butler?"

*cut to monkey butler giving the camera a thumbs up*

(wait - monkeys don't have thumbs, do they? Or at least not yet.)

Rental Cars
Oh, I always forget that a lot of people don't realize what a big deal rental cars are when you don't actually own a car of your own.
I love rental cars.

This war thing sucks. Still.

We had a few peeps over for a couch warming. The apartment is small, so we just invited a few pals over. Started around 2 and everyone left a bit after 5.
Made homemade Bloody Marys and Manhattans and Gimlets.
Then we watched Milo and Otis with the sound off.

Surrogate Mother
I don't know - that just seems like a bad idea. That's rough on your body and your emotions I would suspect.

My Stupid Toe
Here we are napping Saturday afternoon. The phone rings and I stupidly jump out of the bed to get the phone. I either hit the bed frame, or the neighboring radiator or something and just stub the crap out of my toe. The pain causes me to not pay attention and I lose my balance and crash to the floor, bringing down items on top of the dresser and around the bed.

Mrs. Robot who was peacefully napping is awoken to a loud crashing and thump and finds her idiot life-partner on the floor groaning and cussing.

The first thing I said to her was, "get the phone!"

I always got my eye on the prize.

sorry i missed the couch warming. i was ill-like and trying not to get sicker... congrats on this important adult like step.
»liz ||  3/31/2003 ||  3:23:44 PM
so, uh, who's getting nekked?
»chris ||  3/31/2003 ||  4:33:32 PM
I love watching movies with the sound off. Did you make up your own words to the action? Fun stuff that is. Who's nekked? That's my favorite outfit. Fashion show on HR, birthday suits for everyone!
»birdie ||  4/1/2003 ||  8:20:36 PM

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