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Stop bringing me down, man!

I love people who leave their reciepts at the ATM. It's so fun looking at annonymous balances and wondering who the people are.

The person with $65.00 in their checking account - if I saw them on the street would they come off as being a wealthy person somehow. Maybe they spend all their money on looking like they have money.

the person who had $11,850 in their checking account - who is that? Is that a business account or their personal, primary account. And if the latter, why in the world keep that in a checking account?

Usually, people have more money than me.

Jewel Bako
Mrs. Robot treated me to dinner the night at Jewel Bako. It was pretty sweet - they had tons of specials that night (the fish importer guys apparently had been good to them).
You like sushi? Check it out. Fine place, uber-friendly staff and owners, and some talented people cutting the fish.

Still happening.
The New Yorker has a great series of articles this week from reporters in Iraq. Some of it is actually kind of heart-warming.
Letter From Baghdad

Here is my letter to Baghdad:

Dear Baghdad,
Hi, how's it going? I suppose that is insensitive to ask when I know that you are being bombed like a MF as we speak.
This is a pretty strange war, eh?
Well, if I can speak for one American, I want you to know that we hope you make it through this crap in one piece - most of you seem like real nice folks.

Your pal,

pow jessica was tortured
I just read the article about the female POW they resuced in Iraq. I am horrified at the thought of female POWs being tortured… just the thought makes me get cranky and angry.
I know I should be horrified at the thought of anyone being tortured, but, well, I just like girls better than boys.

Brits 3. Iraq 9

War. It's bringing me down.

I think women would be better at withstanding torture than men. Afterall, we tolerate some pretty intense sensations as a normal part of life. So, if someone has to be tortured, I'd rather it be me (woman)than you (man). I wouldn't give it up for mere pain and agony.
»birdie ||  4/4/2003 ||  9:00:39 AM
wow, well, i am glad to hear that. good points about women and pain and all.
still. it makes me want to go Rambo-style
»:r ||  4/4/2003 ||  2:08:28 PM
I don't know. I would think that the pain of being tortured is so bad that the small amount of pain that woman can endure above men would then become trivial....and for fear of all the backlash, I think men can endure mental torment better than women.
»pat ||  4/4/2003 ||  4:18:02 PM
During the birth of my second kid, I would have given a televised statement saying the world was flat if it would have gotten me an epidural.
»anne ||  4/4/2003 ||  6:09:48 PM
»:r ||  4/4/2003 ||  10:40:53 PM

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