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War Money Shots

the war money shots
Wednesday. What a day in the whole war thing. Wednesday, April 9th will be known not only as the day that Baghdad fell, but also the day of heartwarming war money shot photos.
You got Saddam's statues falling over.
You got jubilant Iraqis jumping around and handing US soldiers flowers and kissing them.
You got little girls holding american flags.

Even ironic post-modern cranky bastards have to feel a little warm glow in their hearts.

So, today, there will be no formal robotJournal.
Let's just look at photos.

you forgot to add some photos of the dead babies. maybe a photo of a dead baby with an american flag in her dead hand will win the pulitzer for next year.
»tim ||  4/10/2003 ||  2:56:09 PM
...ignoring Tim's comment completely, Let's all pay tribute to the local Robot Representive of the Greatest Army in the World. That would be ME. All Hail PAT!! Pat, Yes! Saddam NO! Who's laughing now Frenchy??
»pat ||  4/10/2003 ||  3:12:29 PM
Warm glow? You're kidding, right? That's the post-post-ironic part, right? Please?
»crom ||  4/10/2003 ||  3:19:41 PM
wow, tim, you have a lot of suppressed anger there boyo.
»liz ||  4/10/2003 ||  3:50:03 PM
Let's hope these folks will still be smiling in a few weeks or months after all the flags blow away and the pillaging begins. It's amazing to see so much hope in the faces of the Iraqi people despite all that they've suffered.
»qdog ||  4/10/2003 ||  4:01:21 PM
They're only smiling now because we brought food with us - and we are now the guys with the guns. They've been trained to smile at the guys with the guns. - when we leave, like we always do, they'll stop smiling when they realize that their country is in a bigger mess now than it was with Mr. Hussein.
»pat ||  4/10/2003 ||  4:03:48 PM
yeah. what Tim said.
»chris ||  4/10/2003 ||  4:32:16 PM
can't we all just get along?
»rodney ||  4/10/2003 ||  4:59:43 PM
those are all nice comments, but i am pretty sure i was just talking about the influx on war money shots. i don't think i am saying the war is over, or that war is good, or that the Iraqis or the Americans are nice people. they just took a lot of nice pics yesterday.
»:r ||  4/10/2003 ||  7:07:54 PM
rich you don't need to explain yourself ... i have learned not to talk about the war with my friends since i know we would argue over it and pretty much have the same opinions when all is said and done. i rather spend that time drinking.
»k ||  4/10/2003 ||  11:23:06 PM
I agree k. Rich, I thought the pics were nice too. All that doom and gloom was bringing me down. Let's go have a nice drink and some laughs. It is funky friday afterall. The sun will be out tomorrow.
»birdie ||  4/11/2003 ||  11:13:52 AM
actually, Tim, i would be more than happy to help you set up a gallery of dead baby photographs from Iraq. That would be equally powerful, yet instead of heartwarming, it would be heartcooling.

Tim, BTW, you should write something in your journal. i miss your words.
»:r ||  4/11/2003 ||  1:57:26 PM
yeah tim, you bitch.
»honeyhooker ||  4/11/2003 ||  2:29:28 PM
In Canadian papers, we have pictures of people robbing banks and looting embassies in Baghdad. Yesterday, an angry mob tore two Shia leaders to death with their bare hands. Sadaam was a sadistic despot, but he was also the leader of a secular Arab nation. Let the real chaos begin. Long live The Onion.
»pony ||  4/11/2003 ||  3:06:47 PM

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