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Han Solo + Gyros + interweb war

Stop reading this now
It's way too nice to be inside. Unless of course, you are reading this in your backyard with your wireless LAN doo-hickey.
In that case, read on.
Oh, and if you are stuck at work and can't leave, you can read on, too.
Otherwise, go outside! It's lovely.

Paging Captain Solo
The Date: this past Sunday night
The Location: the tasty Jackson Diner in Queens
The Players: me, mrs. Robot, J Lawton, MattyJ, Pony sister

Here we are eating tasty Indian food in queens. Drinking beer, eating samosas (which I always like to call "mimosas" in my dumb guy voice). You know, Lawton got back from a trip to India last month and was in charge of ordering all the food using his newfound knowledge of the menu.
He did a good job, BTW.

I am sitting next to John. I look up and I see Harrison Ford walking in the door. I instantly start hitting John's leg with my knee and hissing, "han solo just walked in the door! han solo just walked in the door!"
We all turn to look and Captain Solo and Ally McBeal are standing in the doorway of the Jackson Diner.

Yee haw!

They are seated upstairs and every now and then you see them hugging random Indian people.
She was kind of cute in person.

Snoop Dogg Survives Ambush
Fri Apr 11, 2:15 PM ET
Snoop Dogg narrowly avoided becoming another drive-by rap casualty Thursday night, as his motorcade was ambushed in a hail of bullets.

You know, this whole "rappers shooting rappers" thing at first was tragic, now it's just ridiculous.
So stupid.

I was just thinking it would be hilarious if other types of entertainment people starting doing this.

Competing Entertainment magazine show hosts fighting ("entertainment 2-nite 4 life!" yells Mary Hart as she drives by Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien's house and unloads a clip into his lawn).

I think we need some sort of gangsta-esque internet site war, and I am totally offering my services on this. Any other website running people (I hate the word webmaster) who have a site of similar theme / scope / size / whatnot and who want to start a faux war for fun (and possibly national media attention) let me know by clicking the CONTACT button right up there. No, go up. Right there. On the left.
There you go.

Naturally, if we do this, I will remove this post or hide it or what not so that if any 'mainstream' media ever comes looking there won't be anything to find.

I have some fun ideas. Let's chat.

Oh Lenny
OK, we don't watch that much TV, but we do watch a lot of Law & Order for some reason. One of my favorite plot types is the person killed didn't tell anyone anything about their personal life...
Tearful Mother: "No, Emily never really discussed her private life. I knew she saw someone last year, but I never got a name."

Distracted co-worker walking around doing stuff: "Emily kind of kept to herself. Once we tried to bring her to an office happy hour - she ended up leaving after thirty minutes… something about having to wake up early.:

And it's those people that have these slightly hidden, mysterious lives that make the L&O detective's jobs trickier.
Just once I'd like to see...
Tearful Mother: "Well, Emily was dating Dan. I didn't like him much - he was prone to violent outbursts and threats. He had almost killed his last girlfriend Emily told me."

Distracted co-worker walking around doing stuff: "Well, I mean, there were all the constant threats from her boyfriend Dan. Actually, here, I have his address - Emily said he never left his apartment during the day."

And then you would see the detectives ("order"?) and the DA guys ("law") arresting the guy and he admits to killing her and they realize they have like 35 minutes to kill.

So, the rest of the episode is about gyros - sitting around talking about gyros. They all love gyros and debate the best place to get them.
You know the head detective woman - I bet she would like those damn flatbread panini things.

Mrs. Robot & I were at this crap-ass restaurant in an unnamed state that tends to have crap-ass food holes. She was thinking of getting the gyro and asked the waitress what kind of meat they used - you know, was it lamb or beef or what.

The waitress didn't know and went to talk to the kitchen and came to say that, "it's brown, I mean, it's the normal gyro meat".

She couldn't be pressed for more specifics.

My sandwhich was something that they call, "crappy ass spaghetti sauce on matter that barely can legally be classified as chicken - and if by chicken you mean tough, rubbery burnt shit".
Tragically, the friend we had gone to this place with loves it. Loves it.

While looking up some other stuff on 'wars' between musicians, I found this. Kind of funny.

2. Eminem vs. Moby vs. Triumph vs. Eminem
Some background. At last year's Grammy awards, Moby said that Eminem was a talented rapper, but that his infamous homophobia set a poor example for young fans. Eminem, was outraged and struck back at Moby, calling him a "36-year-old bald headed fag" on the song Without Me.
Now: at last night's VMAs, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (a hand-puppet operated by comedy writer Robert Smigel) approached Moby to make light of the situation ("First of all, everyone knows you're 35!") Eminem, sitting a few rows in front of Moby, got out of his chair and tried to end the segment. He was very, very angry and had two members of his posse with him. MTV, which likes its spontaneity rehearsed, cut away from the segment.

Moments later, Eminem won an award, stumbled during his acceptance speech, and blamed "that girl Moby" for distracting him. When the audience booed, Eminem added "I will hit someone with glasses." Presumably he meant Moby.
Rap has had plenty of feuds over the years, and they've all been idiotic. But at least past instigators had the guts to pick on other rappers who were physically imposing. Tupac ridiculed the 6?4 300-pound Notorious B.I.G. Nas went after the much-larger Jay-Z. Eminem picked on a scrawny vegan pacifist DJ - and a handpuppet. Very bold.

Smigel was heartbroken that MTV cut him off. "I had a great line," he told TIME. Then, in the voice of Triumph, he performed what would have been his closing joke, aimed at Eminem. "My mom's a bitch, too, but you don't hear me rapping about it! Thank you, Goodnight!"
Top Five Moments at MTV's VMA

WOW! Harrison Ford is on my top 5 over 55 list. I am so jealous.
»k ||  4/16/2003 ||  12:02:08 AM
nice journal rich. you funny.
»nster ||  4/16/2003 ||  8:57:56 AM
I think this is my favorite robot journal ever.
I got yer back on the whole interweb war thing. Damn, I've been waitin' my whole life for a gang fight! Maybe we could start the whole thing by stealing their cheese... and they'd go, "where'd the cheese go?" and we'd be all like "I don't know" and they's get all up in there with "I think you took my cheese!" and we'd go "I got yer cheese right here. What'chou gonna do about it" and they'll be all "Well I'm gonna crash your server, punk." and we'd be like "Yeah, well bring it, honky" and they'd be.. well, you get the picture.
»chris ||  4/16/2003 ||  9:25:06 AM
I think webmaster is rather chic. It sounds a bit like dungeonmaster...

what was that dungeons and dragons thing? I could only get around to rolling for my character and powers and then I got sort of lost.

Gyro meat is gyro meet. If I were the waitress, had I not known, I would have asked chef. If chef didn't know, I would tell you lamb and beef mixture.
»solstice generator ||  4/16/2005 ||  12:15:05 AM

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