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If by Passover, you mean Hungover, then yes

We were invited as the token Christians to attend Passover dinner at our pal's Evan + Joanna's house. Uber-pal Raq was the emcee of the evening and used her spunkiness and showmanship to great effect.

Now, if you knew our pal Joanna, would know that dinner at her house is always amazing. She makes everything from scratch, and last night was no exception. Everything was tasty, even the things whose names themselves scared me. We ate a lot, and drank, and ate, and rolled home by 1am.

So, let me get this right. There was a kid that someone bought. First of all, who buys a kid?
Ok, then a cat comes along and eats him? What kind of cat was this? I mean it can't be too big because a dog comes along and bites the cat.

That's my only real question about the whole event.

If by Passover, you mean make-out over
In college we went to a friend's house to celebrate Passover with her family. It was nutty. All I remember from the actual dinner, other than the memory of a wine glass emptying and filling up in front of me, is that when cute ol' Grandpa went and hid the matzo somewhere in the house.
All the kids, including the drunken college age kids, stumbled around the house looking for it. I found it instantly for some reason, which I think irked our host (rumor was that she always was the one to find it).

The rest of the weekend was making easter eggs (the family was half & half) and getting smashed on wine-in-a-box. There were like 8 of us, we all used every available dark closet or bathroom for hanky y panky.
There was a lot of making out that weekend.

Open letter to spring
Dear Spring,
Uh, hello? What the hell is going on? I am freezing - it's 40 degrees outside, yet it was 90 degrees 2 days earlier.
Are you trying to make us crazy?
I refuse to pull out my winter coat again, so I will keep wearing my 'lite' coat. Please make it warmer so that I don't freeze to death.

Open letter to Iceland
I awoke one Saturday morning, feeling empty and alone. I bumbled into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and thought: "I'm gonna quit my job and go fuck with the country of Iceland."

I'm sorry, but this really makes me laugh. I know you aren't supposed to laugh at your own 'jokes'...

somebody stop me!
»raquel ||  4/18/2003 ||  10:56:42 AM
I wish I had been at that seder. Man! I would have given a lot to be at that seder.
I never understood about the kid that was bought for two zuzim myself.
»pony ||  4/18/2003 ||  4:39:45 PM
no one clued me into WTF zuzim were either. i guess i could google it.
»:r ||  4/18/2003 ||  4:47:54 PM
aaaahhh, my hand!!!!!!
»reba ||  4/19/2003 ||  1:06:19 AM
ha ha, now i own you, little woman!!!
»eric ||  4/19/2003 ||  1:06:52 AM

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