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Comedy Math Equations

Comedy Math Equations
My current project is breaking comedy down into mathematical equations. I consider this a public service so that people can map out jokes while writing their scripts or sketches.
Please note, I am neither an expert in math or comedy, but in a way that makes me more qualified. Somehow.

Now, there are three easy to remember grades of comedy:
  • Comedy Gold

  • Comedy Silver

  • Comedy Bronze

  • My initial system is that a comedic piece can have two different grades within its life. A piece can easily garner a Gold rating on the initial hearing of the joke, but if it doesn't age well, it can be bumped down to Silver or Bronze.

    A good example would be the 'rapping granny from the wedding singer'. Some would say that it was GOLD the first time you saw it, but I think we would all agree that it's barely silver now, if bronze.

    Of course, you can interpret and use this rating system as you see fit. If you have some comedy formulas to add, please use the contact button up top on the left and I will add them and give you full credit.

    Here are my notes, some of which are still works in progress:
    (old(white people)) + (co-opt hip-hop culture((rap) and/or (gansta dress) and/or (break dance))) = Comedy Silver

    (Person on (plane) or (bus) or (boat)) + ((realization= (wrong destination) * (wrong destination is ironic))) + (zoom into person's reaction) + (cut away to wide shot of transportation) + (insert person screaming) = Comedy Bronze

    (monkey) + (hands on sides of head) * (shakes head exasperatedly) = Comedy Gold

    (Hands on cheek (expression (mouth wide open))) + (clumsy zoom in) = Comedy Gold

    ((awkward statement) and/or (inappropriate location)) + (enter into room (occupants turn to stare)) * Silence + (scraped across record (turntable needle)) = Comedy Silver


    try this as well:

    ((early 80's picture of Lionell Ritchie)+(set as background on computer))*(choose Properties/Display=Tile) = Comedy Gold
    »klutchxls ||  4/25/2003 ||  2:30:04 PM
    very nice.
    »:r ||  4/25/2003 ||  2:38:39 PM
    dude... this rocks!
    »liz ||  4/25/2003 ||  4:30:31 PM

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