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"tangented" is not a word

Hell y Handbasket
Remember that statement that Ari Fleischer made after Bill Maher got sacked from Politically Incorrect for controversial statements after 9/11?
You don't? Well, I have reprinted it below.

"It's a terrible thing to say and it's unfortunate. They're reminders to all Americans that they need to watch what they say, watch what they do. This is not a time for remarks like that; there never is."


Our cat makes noises while asleep. Like she is snoring or something.
Does yours do that?

Dear Ronald in Hong Kong
Hi Ronald! How's it going? If you get a chance drop me a line about living in the epicenter of a deadly virus outbreak.
Do you wear a little mask all the time?
Yours truly,

Happy birthday to liz
Liz had some fun and drinks Friday night.
Good times. CootieGirl was there and we entertained each other with multi-tangented stories.
"tangented" - is that a word?
Apparently not

Turn it off
I am listening to WNYC on my killer cute Tivoli radio (I bought a yellow one) and they are having people call in and read poetry.
That's fine. It's really background noise at this point while I am writing this.

Leonard: "The next caller is Helen from Queens"
(Helen has a really nasty 'queens' accent)

Helen: "Hi Leonard, I am going to read Imagine by John Lennon."

Leonard: "OK"

Helen: "Imagine there's no heavenů"

At this point, I am madly jumping across my desk hitting the volume knob. It was just too disturbing hearing this woman reading it.
I guess you had to be there.

People at my work
Many people at my work seem to have odd ideas as to their choices of fonts when sending company wide emails.
The mailroom guy likes bold, 18pt RED.
The HR gal likes a similar font, maybe 14pt, and in that ugly 'reply' blue.

I stay with my black, 8, verdana for mine.
(btw, MS WORD says that "verdana" is spelled incorrectly)

Other things I have turned off.
I cannot get to the 'NEXT' button fast enough when that new Stephen Malkmus album comes onto my IPOD. I mean that was true before I deleted the files.
Good God I am glad I didn't buy it (I was thinking about it).
Viva file sharing.

Unless you want to get disciplined by HR, don't wear a hat to work

Ari Fleischer is scary. Too "jazzed up". His rabid, snarling contempt seems more personal than the rest of the admin's. He needs to work up a comfortable layer of sleepy, good ole boy patronizing contempt.
I don't think Ari likes people.
»anne ||  4/28/2003 ||  9:20:31 AM
I've never had a good experiences with people named Ari.
Is it OK if I wear a hat TO work, but not AT work? Cuz sometimes, when it rains, I like to wear a hat.
»chris ||  4/28/2003 ||  10:08:48 AM
betty and barney snore when they are dreaming of chasing birds and eating charlie the tuna. betty has a deviated septum and is mildly retarded.
»nster ||  4/28/2003 ||  10:14:06 AM
I wear a helmet to (but no, not at) work.
»matthew ||  4/28/2003 ||  10:34:52 AM
my cat snores like nobody's business when he sleeps. He often wakes me up. He's out so deeply that you can pick up his head and move it around and he won't wake up.
»dorf ||  4/28/2003 ||  12:49:36 PM
Betty? Let's see... deviated septum.... mildly retarded... Yeah. I think I dated her in college.
Wait... Betty's a cat?
»chris ||  4/28/2003 ||  2:01:31 PM
»:r ||  4/28/2003 ||  4:32:04 PM

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