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LA Riots, spiders, monkeys, roosters, Willhelms

LA Riots
That happened 10 years ago today. We were at the Miracle House, one of the best rock spaces ever in all it's different versions.
Matthew P walked in. I think Evan was working the door.
Matthew told us that he had just seen the TV and people in LA were rioting over the Rodney King verdict.
I think a lot of us probably said, "oh shit".

I was going through some old journals looking for something and I came across two great things.
Both are emails or stories that when formatted differently make a fun poem..

Our baby spiders
By Mrs. Robot

Little baby Charles
ran across my keyboard.
I told him to stay in the web with his brothers and sisters.
He never listens.
Great- now he just went into the keyboard
Goodbye baby Charles.

Regarding Monkey Mountain : a poem
by Ronald

Yes, it is true.
But I am too scared to go
there's too many
of them.

Actually I might have been there
when I was young,
but I don't remember

I heard the monkeys are very naughty though,
like you.

But I don't think

"eat of my gears, drink of my motor oil"

Electronic Music
I have to give you kids a story behind the MP3 of the Week, "The horrible truth about computer music"

This was recorded off a TV news cast by EricW sometime in the early 80's (when tainted love was the big hit song). Two things that make this way too funny in my mind.

 1. the 'willhelm' person they interview is Eric's brother, a drummer who I imagine "sweats the hits out"

 2. "I like it. I do." I am not sure which I find funnier: the girl's accent or her statement. Why does she have to reinstate the fact that she likes "electronic music"? It's as if the TV person looked at her like she was out of her mind when she said she liked it.
Mrs. Robot and I will use the "I like it - I do" line at least once a week. Come hang out with us (but don't tell us that this is why) and eventually one of us will dig up our lost southern accent and say, "I like it - I do"

If anyone is keeping score, this was from a TV station in Charlotte, NC, a town I loathe (even though we have friends and family there).

The weekly poll question & Olive Newton
I love inside jokes. Hell, my life is one big inside joke that I share with myself. I guess happyrobot is basically some sort of inside joke.
In a way.

Well, the weekly poll question came from the great Olive Newton tape that I hope you people have sat down and listened to. A friend's friend in college did this and as far as crank calls go, I think this is one of the best.
Let me note for the record though, I really hate the 'mean' crank calls. Jerky Boys and shit like that was fun for like a minute. The Olive Newton tape is great because the victim gets a few choice lines and ends up chuckling on occasion.

One of my favorite elements of the tape is how the guy, "olive", spouts these hilarious random statements. Instead of asking Drucella if she wants to come pick up the package, he initially asks her if she wants "to draw a perpendicular to it?"
Then you have the whole "Lady Ashely's House" and the "K-Wig Mart".
And let's not forget that old rooster coming around the house to get her on her anal.

If you haven't heard it, grab some headphones and take off 10-15 minutes to listen to it. And then listen to it again.

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