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13 questions for Ronald in Hong Kong

Dear Ronald,
Thanks for taking the time to answer some fun questions about life in HK for the happyrobot site. I hope you are doing well.

1. Does everyone wear a face mask now? Do you?

over 50% of the people do, so do I

2. How's the weather in Hong Kong? Spring has finally hit NYC.

pretty much the same as NY, but more humid, less girls on the streets than NY

3. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes, when will there be a happy "baby" robot?

4. Any idea how the monkeys on Monkey Mountain are handling the SARS virus?

no, but I went hiking couple weeks ago, very crowded since everyone thinks only outdoor activities are safe and healthy. there are monkeys everywhere! they are not too friendly, so I stayed away, but seems like they are doing fine.

5. You mentioned that SARS was killing the economy? what's the worst hit industry as far as you can tell?

tourism, entertainment (theaters etc), shops, restaurants, airlines ...

6. Do you personally know anyone who has gotten SARS?

No, thank god!

7. A co-worker is from Hong Kong. I asked him about Monkey Mountain and he thought I was a crazy person. Are you sure it really exists? or was this some joke that you and Taiwai dreamed up to play on me?

your co-worker is not a "local" HK person.

8. Remember that time at work when we played Quake?

yeah! I miss that so much! a time when Da Kid rules!

9. You have a job, right? What do you do?

I work for a Telecom company

10. What is your favorite food? Anything you miss from NYC? (don't say KFC)

I love all kinds, but I have to say I miss those Indian lunch boxes and the Mexican place... Uncle Moe's?

11. How many times do you brush your teeth a day?

1 - 2 times, depends

12. Is SARS scary? Or has the press blown it out of proportion?

I dunno what's going on in China ...

13. Anything else you want to say to the happyrobot folks?

Do the folks in China have access to your site? I hope my answer in 12 won't get me into trouble, I don't mean what I said, sometimes I dunno how to express myself

Ron, thanks for your time. We hope you are doing well.

ron is missed.
»liz ||  5/1/2003 ||  1:12:49 PM
Take Care of yourself Ronald!
»sampy ||  5/3/2003 ||  8:51:11 AM

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