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food, rock, drink: my weekend

The robot food, rock, drink fest 2003
We ate our weight in food and drink this weekend at some kick-ass places. Here are my quick and dirty reviews...

Thursday night John, Matt, and I went to Flea Market, a small french place on Avenue A. Had the steak and frites, part of my continued recovering vegetarian therapy, which was tasty. Nice decor, friendly staff, decent selection on the menu and wine list... a good neighborhood place.

Friday night we went to the new Park Slope Blue Ribbon Sushi. The same (great) menu as the original manhattan location and To top it off, the fact that it's in Park Slope means that you can arrive at 9:30 on a friday night and there is no wait for a table.
Great food by the way (I almost forget the food part).

Saturday night our pal Chip was in town with his little rock band North Elementary. They played at Luna Lounge and had a decent turn out for an unknown band playing at 8:30. We had a late night dinner at Ginger afterwards and it was, as usual, a good ol' time. We got to try a few new appetizers, one of which just rocked (a selection of tuna sashimi with a sweet lime sauce).
After dinner, I made manhattans at home that were a little too big and a little too strong.

Sunday we spent the day running around looking at stuff and shopping for a few do-dads. We somehow ended way uptown and rung Jackie Pony and met her at Mama Mexicano. Tasty meixcan food and a great staff.
Mango Margaritas make any afternoon a good afternoon.

Sunday night, the Holy Ghost with our pal Eric (and new handle-bar mustache) rolled into town and ended their US rock tour with a show opening up for Mike Watt at the Mercury Lounge. It was a good time had by all, and kind of cool to see Mike Watt playing. Not because I am a huge fan or anything, but he's Mike Watt.

Oh, my other food & drink review: that bar that's on the corner of Stanton and Clinton. Someone said the name was Lotus - yuck, makes me think of that cornball Lotus club place in the meat packing district. Nonetheless, we were there saturday and sunday afternoon (it just happened that way) and they have super cheap and super tasty bloody marys. And food.
I wish I lived down the street from this place because I would be camped out here every weekend morning and afternoon.

you need to take me out for bloody mary's now. Please?

»pony ||  5/5/2003 ||  5:50:06 PM
The Lotus Club also has boardgames and books and magazines to read--so you really can practically live there. It also has a screen door just like the bar at grandma's house.
»e ||  5/6/2003 ||  10:59:52 AM

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