Hello, my name is Hitler, I'll be your waiter tonight
I suppose there is a Statute of Limitations on everything, even a Hitler-style mustache. I mean, really, it's not the mustache's fault is it?
Or is it?

That is not for me to find out, but I did see a man with a damn Hitler-ass-looking mustache on my way home from school, er, work today.
First I thought: he must be foreign (said in a very mid-west motherly voice).
Then I thought: "well, it has been 50 some years, I guess it will come back one day. Maybe that day is today."
Then I thought: "Still, that is kind of fucked up."
Then I thought: "I like that girl's pants"
They were kicky summer floral print pants.

Feer Berry
The next happyrobot party I think should be a weekend beer-fest on the Staten Island ferry. The beer on the ferry for some reason is really cheap, and where else can you watch the city get smaller and then get bigger over and over again.
"See ya new york!"
"Hello again new york!"

Golden Cow goes moo
Damn, I do idolize objects sometimes.
See, I got it in my craw that I wanted a new camera, and it's totally taking up every last resource of my dumb brain thinking about it.
Last night, I actually set up an Ebay account (I am apparently the last person to do so) because they have some interesting things floating around there.

But, yea, idolize. Obsess. Irrational. It doesn't have to be a camera, it can be anything else. I pride myself on researching stuff before making big purchases, and I have researching the hell out of these particular cameras (*cough* Leica *cough*).

Btw, in order to save a little money, I am selling lots of dumb crap. Anyone need a decent set of Cokin (F) filters?

I love random.
Why is it that I can put my little mp3 robot on random, and it seems to perfectly match my mood and actions? How does it always seem to play a song that ends right as I get to my destination? It's as if someone has scored my life.

big eyes
I am walking down my street and I pass this father and his baby daughter. She is in her stroller (lots of babies like those I notice) and as I pass her, she has this wild-eyed look of... something.
As if someone just gave her a glimpse of her life to come or she had some realization what was going on.
Whatever it was, it was cute, but I also wanted to nod as if to say, "yup, it only gets nuttier".

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