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My weekend as Harper's Index

Number of twenty-somethings seen on the subway reading the new Harry Potter book in the last 12 hours: 3

Ratio of chapters read of the guy in front of me compared to the woman to my left: 27:19

Amount of vermouth to whiskey in my Manhattans: 2:3

Number of dead ringers for Bernie Mac seen this morning: 1

Number of large cakes shaped like the Williamsburg bridge seen: 1

Number of times I felt ill and suddenly left a bar: 1

Approximate days passed before cat scratched new couch for the first time: 80

Number of cameras bought this past weekend: 2

Percentage of drinks from this weekend that were alcoholic: 46%

Number of alcoholic drinks that had the word "zombie" in them: 1

Percentage of drinks from this weekend that were coffee: 13%

Percentage of coffee drinks that were French vanilla and half decaf, with half & half: 100%

Hours of sunshine seen this weekend: 2.5

Ratio of money spent last weekend to money spent this weekend: 1:33

Number of food items eaten by Matt at street fair compared to me: 2:0

You know, I just don't get the fascination that people in my "age group" or, perhaps more accurately, "demographic" have with the Harry Potter. Sure, they're fun books, and they're quick reads. But... I don't know. I guess I just don't get it.
Not to dork out too much, but Gandalf would totally kick Harry Potter's ass.
»chris ||  6/23/2003 ||  11:26:10 AM
Did you buy that Leica? You summummabitch.
»tim ||  6/23/2003 ||  1:04:38 PM
Who can I sue about that vermouth book?
I came up with that way before Ted Turner ever thought about buying the Braves.

»spike jones ||  6/23/2003 ||  3:28:37 PM
gandalf vs. dumbledorf
I place my bet on gandalf. And no, I'm not 20 something, double your bets.
»workerde ||  6/25/2003 ||  11:57:49 AM
except the creator of gandolf is worm food and dumbledorf's is not. Anything's possible.
»anne ||  6/25/2003 ||  8:06:43 PM

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