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honey trout swim by

Haute Haute Haute
Remember how people on the east coast were bitching about the rain and the cold and the lack of spring? Well, we got our comeuppance this week.
It's like 186 degrees outside right now.
Small dogs go outside to pee and they flame up.
Old people wrinkle and turn to dust.
Eggs fry, then they flip themselves on the pavement.
Teen's shoes melt and stick to the sidewalk.
Lord have mercy on the big stink.

Welcome back Tim!

I came across this BlogShare site and spent some time last night setting up an account and figuring out how it works.
"BlogShares is a simulated, fantasy stock market for weblogs where players invest fictional money to buy stocks and bonds in an artificial economy where attention is the commodity and weblogs are the companies."

So, I am going through and registering most of our journals (or as the kids say, "blogs"), and in the next couple of days a lot of them will have little blogshare icons on them. You can buy and sell blogs yourself - you don't have to be a writer or website person.
(If I were you, I would put all my shares in Pony)
of course, there is that wild card Tim!

Those Hilton Sisters
I love their blog.

A poem I wrote about my job (re-worked by Matty J)

getting stuff done here is like
rowing across a lake of honey.

you row and row and it's so slow.
and flies get stuck in the honey.
and honey trout swim by.

We are going to Scotland this summer. Have you ever been? Recommendations?

The Camera
Yea, so, I um bought a new camera.
I love it.
Here is a really bad picture of it.
Odd - I have a really bad picture of a camera that is capable of taking really good photos.
I got my first roll back.
Yea, they are worth it. Their glass is sharp.
(This camera makes me write in short sentences)

The Camera, Part II
I also found a fine looking Olympus XA at a street fair this weekend. What a fun little camera it is. Aperture priority, manual focus, pocket sized.
Cost me $10.
If you ever come across one, buy it.

Comedy Central Roast
Did I mention that last week we went to the Comedy Central Roast of Dennis Leary? Nutty. I mean, it was generally fun, but is Dennis really roast worthy? I guess he has been around for a while.
I don't know.
What I do know is that a lot of people dressed up way too 'hoochie'-style, many who probably needed to give it up a few years back.

How to Visit NYC (without pissing me off)
To my friends in the American South: stop talking shit about how "the South shall rise again," because it's been more than a hundred years and you pussies haven't said word one about throwing off the yoke of Yankee oppression. We went to war against you once and we kicked your ass so hard that you're still reeling from it. If you think that all Yankees are such sissies, what does that make the people whose asses we've so thoroughly kicked?

How to Visit NYC. Lordie.

I don't want to feed the celebity machine, but I find this Demi Moore / Ashton Kutcher thing fascinating… train wreck fascinating that is.
From FOX News
Late to arrive at the party was Demi Moore, who quite frankly is the curiosity in this Charlie's Angels outing. She was with Ashton Kutcher, the 25-year-old actor from TV's That '70s Show whom Moore suddenly and quite publicly began to date when the Angels publicity machine needed a hook.
After a few minutes, Moore, who is 40, pulled Kutcher and some girlfriends out on the dance floor.
Only one problem: Kutcher does not dance. At 6'3", he lingered sort of Lurch-like, or lurched kind of lingeringly, while Moore boogied suggestively around him.
She looked like she was having a good time. Kutcher sort of hunched his shoulders and shuffled his feet. If there was a beat, he was unaware of it.

This is an addition to Tim's comment on where I got my camera.
They rock.
Very friendly and helpful staff that totally worked with me when I bought the camera - showed me how everything worked, loaded me up with little freebies (ALL the caps!), and interestingly had the best prices of anyone… Ebay, CraigsList, Adorama, B&H included.

They are open on Saturday! Hally-loo-ya!

They are so nice, here is a mini-google-bomb for them...
Tamarkin! Leica! manhattan! Camera!

I can't believe you got an M6. Shit that's hot. You get it at that place that's alway's closed on Saturday?
»tim ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:16:58 AM
I am so befuddled by this blogshare thing. this is why i don't invest in the stockmarket (i invest soley in the trade of grain) It sounds like a great idea but their web-site made my head hutrt.

»klutch.xls ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:19:48 AM
Klutch - yea, the website is confusing. i spent some time with it last night. If you sign up for an account, they give you $500 bucks of play money. then you look for a blog and buy a share of it.
past that... i am still figuring it out.
»:r ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:33:12 AM
Tim, see my comments at the bottom of this entry.
»:r ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:39:39 AM
I have a nice memorial in Edinburgh. You can go to the top, if you're not freaked out by heights/narrow stairwells. Also in Edinburgh is a cemetary with a huge statue of Abe Lincoln in it.
»sir walter scott ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:46:30 AM
i too am facinated by the moore-kutcher thing. and as i wrote "moore -kutcher" i started giggling like a 13 year old boy because i am sure somewhere, to someone, "moore-kutcher" means something sexy.
»lisa ||  6/26/2003 ||  11:57:31 AM
Hey Rich. I just went to Scotland, last October. It was beautiful! Definitely go to the highlands, more importatnly stop by the Glenfiddich distillery, take the tour and get a free shot of scotch. The Isle of Skye, Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona were awesome. When in Edinburgh eat at The Witchery. It's expensive, but well worth it. Glasgow is a very nice city. It reminded me a lot of Dublin. My final tip: Avoid the haggis.
»tisha ||  6/26/2003 ||  12:27:13 PM
Hey rich! Went to Scotland last fall. It was awesome..I would definately recommend going to the highlands and taking a tour of the distilleries. i went to to the Macallan and had an awesome shot of 18 year old single malt! Old Town in Edinburgh is cool..visit the castle..lots of history. The town of Sterling is pretty..they have a big ole castle and a Braveheart memorial..though no Mel Gilbson.. :-(
»val ||  6/26/2003 ||  12:41:35 PM
oh, eat me! c'mon.
»haggis ||  6/26/2003 ||  12:56:20 PM
»cromulent ||  url || 6/26/2003 ||  3:24:28 PM
I thought "the south shall rise again" meant that he could get it up twice without a rest break!! Is that just southern man thing and is that why it pisses you NYC men off?
»yepitsmede ||  6/26/2003 ||  9:27:58 PM

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