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I love Lovers

Business Lingo
I had to fill out my self-appraisal / performance review thing at work. The amount of business lingo I tried to employ was both nauseating and pathetic.
Words like 'Followership'.

So, I stumble upon that BlogShare thing. It's a really cool idea - it's a faux stock market where shares of blogs are traded (Mrs. Robot says, "it sounds weird").
I have registered and most of our writers are up there, yet for the life of me I can get half of the stuff to work.
Like Pony. I claimed it as robot blog, but it doesn't list me as the owner.
River Rat is my only success story - I am finally able to issue stock on it.
Don't get me started on Robot Filter.

Now that it's finally kind of working for me, it's slightly addictive. You can sign up for an account even if you don't have a blog. If you do, let me know, and I can gift you some stock.
I think I can do that.

Get a free movie ticket
Prepare to get emails from your mom or other non-savvy interweb person when they run across the site FreeFlixTix. J-Walk has a good write up, including quotes from their privacy policy that make you to say, "hmmmmm"
Or, maybe more like, "mmmmm. Hmmmm. Ohh. Hmmm. Mmm. Ah-ha."

new postcard images
I added some new postcard images a while back. I don't think I mentioned it to you folks though. So, here they are. Send them to your lovers.


creepy ass bunny

Let's make out

The word "lover" used to make me cringe. I had this girlfriend back in the day. And we were planning on, you know, um, doing it.
And finally we did. Finally.

One day she says to me something about how we have gone from boyfriend/girlfriend to "lovers". I was thinking, "you did not just say 'lovers'".
It about turned me off to the whole sex thing.
"If I do this - do I have to call us lovers now?"

BTW, I now use the word constantly - but in an ironic way.

The word "Blog"
If you are wondering, I still hate the word "blog".
Why? Who knows.

Question #1 - why do these blog-types always have these long lists of links on their pages? I have never understood that except if it's fostering some sort of community thing, which makes sense.
It just looks ugly.
I think the robot has been all about making the words front and center - a technique that is also easy to accomplish when you are A.D.D. in terms of web design.

Have you noticed the robot's continuing slide into monochrome? I swear, it's like I am colorblind (I'm not).

His New Look
First, please acknowledge the bongwater reference. OK, now did you notice Tim's new look?
TIM!: In Technicolor.

Pets look like their owners
People say (those people) that many dog owners look like their dogs. The other night I was riding my bike and I saw this girl walking her dog. She was stopped at the corner and this older gentleman had his dog there and they were laughing and chatting as their dogs were being big butt-sniffing goofs.
The thing is, this girl was really pretty. But her dog… well, her dog was just plain ugly.

So, sometimes that whole theory doesn't work.

Speaking of bikes
I almost got hit last night. Dang old people driving and not looking.

Hey! It's that 'Crossing guy'!

Mr. Lucas, please get help with `Star Wars'

It's a fact: 76% of girls age 13-19 prefer the "new-look" Tim! to the "old-look" Tim!.
Also, only 24% of girls age 13-19 prefer the "new-look" Jewel to the "old-look" Jewel.
Coincidence? I think not.
»chris ||  7/9/2003 ||  1:59:22 PM

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