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Can I borrow 800K?

Pay Pal Donations
So, the average price of a NY apartment these days is 800,000$.
Eight zero zero zero, zero zero zero.
Decimal point.
Zero zero.
If our current rent were mortgage payments, we'd be paying for the place for over fifty years.

Queer Eye
My new favorite show. We watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last night on Bravo - what a fun time show.
Did you see it?
The first episode with the 'Butch' guy was great, but the second episode with the uni-brow guy spooked me a bit. Well, not him necessarily, but the combination of their house and his wife.
The house was amazingly… scary.

Oh, but I liked the show. The guys are all charming and very funny and if the Carson Kressley fellow doesn't become a superstar I will eat my hat (once I buy a hat). This guy was great fun to watch and had one of the snappiest and most natural senses of humor of anyone I have seen on TV.

Back in my college days, I was a big fan of pretty much anything that came out of the ShimmyDisc label here in NYC. Lida Husik, Paleface, Bongwater, and all the bands that featured Kramer (like 90% of the catalog, right?). Tuli Kupferberg would always show up on their compilations or on various albums and I didn't really know much about him (other than being one of those east village goofballs from the 60's) until recently. My research fueled mainly by copying a Fugs album off of MattyJ (sorry RIAA).
Well, whatever.
Tuli is 80 years old. Nonetheless, he and Ed Sanders released a new Fugs album recently and the NYT has a swell article about the two of them.

The Fugs
While looking up the Fugs on Amazon, under the "if you liked the Fugs, you might like..." heading was a Holy Modal Rounders album with one of the better titles I have seen:
Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders

Delivery in NYC
Well, let's see. What can we get delivered in NYC?
What else? Oh, now porn. It's NetFlix for the porn lover in you.

Left and/or Right wing conspiracy
I am listening to a news call-in show on NPR. They were discussing this whole 'George Bush lied about WMD' thing that we are love to discuss.
This one caller, a seemingly nice lady, was going on and on about how Saddam and Osama were in bed together and Saddam had all these chemical weapons. She was throwing around a lot of opinions on this thing, and it all boiled down to the conspiracy of the democrats trying to discredit Bush.
I was thinking, "Wo! Deja-Vu!"
Was Hilary on the book tour last month talking about the Republican conspiracy to oust Billy Clintons?
Dear Call-in Lady,
No shit, Sherlock. Whoever is president is the target of an conspiracy by the losing party. Duh. I think we'd find that politics operates that way pretty much all the time.
Middle-wing conspiracy

Remember Netscape?
Well, AOL killed them. Finally.
Let me quote MattyJ on IM who said, "fuck steve case and marc andreeson!!"
There are some issues still if this will effect Mozilla - fingers crossed.

Speaking of Mozilla, you know that is a great browser for moms. Much safer than IE.

Friggin File Sharing
I went to check out a few bands last night online. Downloaded some MP3s off a file sharing program. You know, listen to these bands that, well, I can't really hear anywhere else since there isn't any sort of music on TV or Radio anymore - and barely any on the web.

See, I listen to the bands, and if I like them, I go buy their CDs. Now, I don't listen just once to them and decide then, but I randomly pick a few titles off an album and put those on the IPOD and listen to them a few times.

If I like them, I buy the CD and all is good. If I don't, they usually get dumped off the IPOD and replaced by something else (like Coldplay - eeech).
I downloaded some Grandaddy (I already have one of their CDs), Fountains of Wayne, Iron & Wine, that last White Stripes album, and The Thorns.

The White Stripes and The Thorns were both all bogus files.
See, the problem is this: I realize that the label did this, but I don't see the label's name when I look up at my WinAmp when the song turns up to a loop of a Michael Jackson song.
I see "White Stripes".
I see "The Thorns".
So, I angrily delete the files, and guess what? I then say, "Fuck them".

I still haven't got around to hearing the White Stripes album - an album that I was thinking of buying.
Spending my money!
I know Jack White didn't do this, but it's hard to not to associate his face with these screwed up MP3 files. And this could have easily been done by some smart-ass teen for all I know.

Dear RIAA,
At this time, there is no way I am buying a Thorns album or a White Stripe album.

MattyJ Sez
frickin' fountains of wayne
i can't stand their name so bad i can't listen to them

i say: i agree.

porn deliveries! woo hoo!
»liz ||  7/16/2003 ||  2:13:30 PM
dude. fountains of wayne rocks. download "mexican wine"
»jeff ||  7/17/2003 ||  12:59:34 PM
i love the White Stripes .... rich - i will try and burn a copy of the new CD for you but either I am lame or my computer is acting a bit wacky any time i copy the CD it burns with a few skips WTF! You think with a computer science degree i would know what to do ....
»k ||  7/17/2003 ||  10:30:52 PM
Seriously, Fountains of Wayne is like the second-best album so far this year, after the New Pornographers. Check out "Stacy's Mom" or "No Better Place". Or just buy the CD.
»jonathan ||  7/22/2003 ||  10:26:43 AM

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