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R.I.P. Troy + 3D + Mob

R.I.P. Troy
Our dear apartment broker fellow Troy passed away… 3 months ago. I just found out. Troy helped us get our apartment, as I documented in this goofy page.

Troy was a dear man who loved the neighborhood and helped pretty much all of our friends find a place to live. Whenever someone needed a place to live in our hood, they would invetiably ask us for Troy's number.
He was a minor apartment finding hero in our area.

One night he ran into us at a bar and bought us round after round of drinks. He said he needed to pay us back for our referring of tons of people to him.
Oh well.
Cheers, Troy.

Benevolent Fascist
The other night at dinner, MattyJ says, "You are a fascist".
Mrs. Robot agreed, but added, "he's a benevolent fascist, though".

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Last night we had great fun. Went to a 'Celebrate Brooklyn' event where we watched 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon' in 3D (in 3D!!) while those goofy jazz guys the Jazz Passengers did all the dialog and music for it (they turned off the sound of the movie). The dialog got tweaked from time to time, so it became an almost MST2K thing.
It took place at the band-shell in Prospect Park, which was a great place for a movie, and a lovely evening in general. It was way fun.

There were like 4 billion kids there, and every time a fish or tree branch or spear came shooting out of the screen, they would all scream.

So, I finally got off my butt and went to the fun Mob thing. Lot's of people with fancy cameras and reporters and radio people - so the 'mob' itself had it's own paparazzi. A lot of people wrote to say that the location, Tootie Frootie Flohound, was not a great location because it was a store that a lot of us would normally go to already. I guess that makes sense.
(I know a certain person I married has been there quite often)
But, more than anything, they have to eliminate the paparazzi. The radio mics, big cameras, and the step ladders (step f*cking ladders) don't really work.
I hear the next one is sponsored by Miller Lite.

Nice Article
Nothing Left To Lie About
With BushCo reaming the nation on just about every possible front, is implosion imminent?

Things said to Mrs. Robot the other day
Hispanic teen girls: "ooo that girl is a firecracker"
(We are not sure if this is good or bad or what)

you make the trains run on time?
in what way are you a fascist?- could Mat or Rachel do a guest explanation? You seem like such a nice young man.
»anne ||  7/18/2003 ||  8:41:17 PM
What happened to Troy? That is so sad....
I think firecracker is a very good thing.
»spanky ||  7/18/2003 ||  11:48:23 PM
he collasped on the street. not sure of what. maybe like a heart attack?
»:r ||  7/19/2003 ||  8:35:37 AM

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