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My Weekend Report - for Blaine

Dear Blaine,
Here is my report of my weekend as you requested. I hope this is of great use to you.

  • Showed up really late for work. So, late people just assumed I was coming back from lunch (ok, not that late).

  • worked finger to bone

  • left at 2:30

  • went home. Fixed lunch. Played with cat.

  • Cat and I had an adventure afternoon. I went around and let her climb on top of tall bookshelves and wardrobes in our apartment. She seemed to enjoy being in these new, although dusty, places.

  • Tried to get her off the wardobe/clothing thing in bedroom and she protested. So, I left her.

  • Still hungry, went to kitchen to make another snack.

  • Cat somehow got down quickly and painlessly and beat me to the kitchen, once again proving that she can sense when I am about to make a snack.

  • No idea what happened next. Anyone? Maybe I went and rode my bike? No idea.

  • Left and went to Williamsburg for Eric & Reba's cat's birthday party. Yea, you heard me: a birthday party for a cat.

  • At the party I spoke to Mark on phone calling from a town we like to call LA. Mark is fine and enjoying California. We talked about cameras a lot.

  • Eric & Reba served us fried chicken that was pretty tasty.

  • I had a vodka tonic and a beer.

  • Evan changed Eric's homepage to a gay porn site. Evan did this - not me (I assume Eric would of thought I did it).

  • Chris & Christina gave us a ride home - bless their little marathon running hearts.

  • Saturday
  • I passed out exhausted.

  • 8:30am I wake up

  • Urinate in the toilet

  • Put on pants, shirt, and flippy-floppers and go down to get the paper (stupid NYT won't bring them upstairs anymore).

  • Say hi to super. He's nice. He and his wife mop the hallways on Saturdays.

  • The weather is gorgeous.

  • Mrs. Robot goes to bakery to get coffees and I go to bagel shop for bagels.

  • We take our food to the park, grab a bench to eat and read our paper.

  • About 4 million dogs walk by. We comment on each one. Comments like, "Oh, he's handsome" and "Good lord that pug is cranky".

  • We leave park and walk around.

  • Go home and probably shower and fiddle around.

  • Mrs. Robot goes out to meet some dorks nearby and then goes shoe shopping (yes, I called you guys dorks).

  • I gas up the bike (and by gas, I mean fill my water bottle) and head across the Gowanus Canal to Prospect Park and do a loop around the park. At one point, I leave the park and ride down that street where the horse stables are.

  • I ride my bike some more.

  • Yup, still riding my bike.

  • I return home. Pull out vacuum and clean house making cat run and hide under bath tub.

  • No idea what happened next, but I think I was working on some computer stuff that was due like a week ago.

  • Procrastinated and decided instead to re-do the photos of fun section.

  • Added the modifications of the book reviews on the front page.

  • Pulled the MP3 of the week box until we get some more.

  • Finally took a shower.

  • Mrs. Robot came home - I probably ran around nude at this point. Who knows.

  • We sat around and thought about dinner.

  • Sat around some more.

  • Sitting still.

  • "Hey, I know of a new sushi place on Atlantic between Clinton and Court street - let's go", I say.
    "How did you know about this place?", Mrs. Robot says.
    "A monkey called me and told me", I reply.
    She doesn't notice all the menus for the place plastered on the front door of our building.

  • Sushi place is nice, actually. Friendly staff and really cool décor. Food is fine. My tuna was a bit too parasite-y for my taste, and the presentation while nice, was a bit messy. I would of thrown the pieces of tuna away, and put everything back on a cleaner plate if I was the chef. Had one beer.

  • We went to the video shop and rented that Wilco documentary. As we were paying, we noticed a list of overdue movies with the video-shop guy's paperwork. We recognize one of the overdue renter's name: our MattyJ!
    I forget which movie it was. Tron? Cannonball Run III? Waiting to Exhale? Alice in Underpants?

  • We watch movie. It's ok. Very well done from a technical point of view, but I catch myself not paying attention a few times. My joke for the night is: "Hey, if they ever make a movie about Wilco (ha), that Tobey Maguire could play that Tweedy fellow".
    Think about it. He could.

  • Watch a few minutes of SNL and Trading Spaces.

  • Sunday
  • I pass out in bed. Mrs. Robot is asking me stuff and I am mumbling answers.

  • 9am and I am awake again.

  • Put on shorts, shirts, flippo-flappos and go down and get paper.

  • We go to bakery and get muffins and coffee and head to the park. Once again, a beautiful morning.

  • Lots of dogs again, especially a funny little corgi.

  • There is a woman with a photographer. The photographer is taking pictures of the woman's little girl. The little girl was smelling flowers. They see the corgi and the woman is shrieking, "seeee the doggie?! Seeeeeeeeee the doggie?!".
    She says the word "doggie" literally like 100 times.

  • I plan on killing the woman.

  • I read a ton of the paper - lots of interesting articles. There have been a rash of VW Passat's being set on fire in our neighborhood. MattyJ, watch out!!

  • We go home and work on our list of items to take with us on our UK trip.

  • We leave the house.

  • Go to Adorama and buy film. FujiPress 400 (20 pack), Fuji Reala (10), Tmax 3200 (5), Tmax CN (5)

  • Drop off a roll at Baboo (Baboo means quality!).

  • Grab a sandwich and go to Madison Square park to eat. Beautiful day.

  • Jump on N/R train, and after waiting around arrive at Bloomingdales. Don't ask why. Well, ok, what I wanted is a basic black "golf" shirt. Or "polo" shirt as some people call it.
    All the shirts were kind of crappy. Actually, most of the clothes there were crappy.

  • Walked past the Gap (yea, I know) and they have them for like $8 or something. Better quality, too.

  • Ride the Tram to Roosevelt Island and walk to the south end of the island. Very cool. You, too, should go there.

  • Take the train back.

  • Do stuff. Clean. Shower. Organize.

  • Watch the Simpsons. Halfway through, I leave the TV on, but go the other room. Not a great episode.

  • Our cat sitter comes over to meet cat.

  • We all go to the Thai place around the corner.

  • Work on the computer / robot stuff.

  • Pass out in bed.

  • not a great Simpson's; but it explains the "Alice in Underpants" remark.
    »blaine ||  7/21/2003 ||  11:18:40 AM
    TMAX CN? Shame on you.
    »ollie ||  7/21/2003 ||  1:35:12 PM

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