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incommunicado. now.

Vacation for the robot family starts very soon. Like tomorrow. But I will check in, but not as often as I normally do (every 3 minutes).

Police Blotters
I love the police blotters. Always delightful fun. I do miss living in the town where i grew up and seeing people i know in the blotter. Oh well. None of my NY friends ever get arrested.

A 56-year-old woman received word Saturday on a statue of hers which was stolen in late October.
According to an Urbana police report, the woman got a package in the mail containing evidence of the statue's existence. It is believed the statue is in another state, but will be returned soon, the report stated.

a woman on the 500 block of Shoal Circle told another woman that she planned to shoot herself, if not that day, then maybe the next.

Colleges seem to have some great ones...
An individual posing as a film director inquired about sponsoring a show at FAU suddenly came under suspicion when negotiations broke-down regarding compensation for the event.

Several campus administrators received threatening emails from an individual stating that FAU will suffer sever consequences if the United Sates attacks Iraq.

Those Yale folks are trying to be funny
9/21 at 1:28 AM. 217 Park St., Yale Cabaret. A man's wallet was taken from his pants when left unattended and unsecured in the first floor bathroom. To everybody's relief, the pants were left at the scene.

Friggin DoubleClick hit by fraud complaint
HA! DoubleClick, one of the most successful (aka annoying) ad servers is getting sued for fraud from those annoying ads that look like computer system messages, including the ones for Bonzai Buddy, a little shitty spyware thing that tards everywhere have downloaded.

Do this:
OPT-OUT of DoubleClick cookies

To all the women that take a #2 in public restrooms

Out sourcing
Say what you will, but I am still concerned about all our technology jobs leaving the states for the cheaper overseas markets. Good article from yesterday: I.B.M. Explores Shift of White-Collar Jobs Overseas

I heart the Robot family and wish you a lovely vacation in the land of peat.
»eve ||  7/23/2003 ||  5:11:46 PM
have a great time.
To All the Women . . . . too funny!
»anne ||  7/23/2003 ||  6:59:11 PM
Have a beautiful time in Scotland. bring us back a terrier.
»pony ||  7/24/2003 ||  1:14:56 PM

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