Pointless Answers To Venomous Questions
This is from the fine j-walk web-log and I am quoting it directly because after three tries to sum up what he said in my words, I gave up and will just let him do it.
"This post is part of a blogging game that seems to be going around. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but it works like this: A blogger answers five pointless questions posted by someone else. Then he/she seeks a volunteer to answer five new questions in their blog." [quote link]

I wrote John of J-Walk for 5 questions and he proposed 5, which I answered below in my own dorky rambling style that only a mother could love. Now, the next step is that someone out there who has a web-log to answer our five questions on their site and let me know and i will post a link to it.
And it goes on and on and on.

Results so far
  • David H. Floyd @ dhfloyd.com

  • Note about the 5 questions from J-Walk: I found these to be really difficult to answer. Not like they are 'tough' questions, but I re-wrote the answers over and over (you won't believe that when you read it of course).

    Pointless Questions For Happy Robot

    1. What's the funniest clean joke you've ever heard?
    Q: what's brown and sticky?
    A: a stick

    2. What movie title best describes your life? And which one best describes the life you'd prefer to live?
    Wow. This one is a stumper. If you could see this page right now, all the other questions are answered in full, but this one sits here empty. Is there a movie called "Benevolent Robot Overlord" or "Anxious Smart Ass"?
    "Cannonball Run II" would describe my life. There, I said it. My life is a drunken Dean Martin and Sammy David Jr. - both in priest outfits. The life I'd want?
    "Sleeper". I don't sleep enough.

    3. Since when do robots have emotions?
    Funny you should ask. We have a dear friend who once called me "emotionphobic" in an email she mistakenly then forwarded to me.
    As far as me being 'emotionphobic', I am not sure that is really true. I think she had mistaken my dislike of drama for not having emotions. I have emotions.
    If I was a robot, I'd be surly.

    4. If you were a rabbit, which country would you like to live in?
    Good question. The trick is that you want to be somewhere temperate because, well, you are a rabbit. But you don't want to be in a really warm place where all the predators would thrive... like large snakes.
    I might take my chances in the Pacific Northwest - decent climate and fewer rabbit chomping snakes.

    5. List all of the organizations and clubs you've ever belonged to.
    OK, this question just stinks, but it's more to do with me not being in clubs or organizations. I really don't join anything - it's a skill I have.
    In school, I was in the Science club and some foreign exchange club with a name that was an acronym that I forget. I was also part of a few independent photography shows and worked at various college radio stations.
    Oh, back to the Science club, though. First, we did nothing in that club and I have no idea why I was even in it. Really. Nothing.
    Second, when we had our yearbook photo taken, I listed myself with a fake name and some overly-long made up title. I thought I was being quite the clever little monkey.

    If you come to my house and I show you my yearbook, you'll notice that the non-existent "Richard Rivera" was also in a few other clubs, too. I just hung out in the library that day and stood in various club photographs.


    So, if YOU want to answer these five questions on your weblog, here are five. Answer them, send me a link and I will let everyone know.

    Five Questions from happyrobot

    1. If there was a war between werewolves and vampires, who would you bet on?

    2. Not counting airplanes, how high up have you been?

    3. Which is creepier: glass covering a swimming pool all of a sudden and you are trapped below it -OR- being attacked by a giant spider?

    4. Ever seen a UFO, a ghost, or bigfoot?

    5. This is Matt's classic question, but I am co-opting it for myself: You can have brunch with 4 other people. These people have to be alive (well, yea). Who would they be? Extra Credit Question: If there was a big brawl at brunch, who would remain standing at the end?

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