Boat. Blackout.
Guest entry from Mrs. Robot
We are back on line in every sense. The black-out was nice and calm. Luckily I was at home instead of work and didn't have to walk home from my office on 94th Street. That would probably have been a 3-4 hour walk. Rich made it home in under 2 hours. He ran into Eric Willhelm on the way home.

Last night we went to a bar at the end of our block and drank vodka & tonics by candlelight. Apparently when there is no power the smoking ban is not in effect. After that we walked around the very dark streets and shared a slice of cheese-less pizza at one of the only two food places open. The cheese had already gone bad.

We came back to our building and went on the roof. There were back-up lights on in some buildings but for the most part it was dark. We had turkey sandwiches and champagne and watched the planes queued for landing at the various airports. There was a big moon and the night was nice and breezy.

No one has to work today. I guess it's time to empty the fridge. Sadly I had just gone to the store 2 days ago and I had bought shrimp for dinner last night.
Ohhh stinky!


The 2003 Blackout
Luckily I had a camera with me
Here are my pics from my walk home after the power went out. It was a a 5.4 mile walk (according to Yahoo Maps). I stupidly was carrying my laptop, and my shoes, while great shoes, were not meant for walking that far on a hot day.

Ready Killowatt
EricW called me last night during the power outage.
Robot: "Hello?"
Eric: "This is Ready Kilowatt - F*ck you."

Where's Willhelm
I was walking with Eric's girlfriend and she was trying to get Eric on the phone so they could walk home together. We ended up literally bumping into him at Union Square. Right before we ran into him, I was taking some photographs of the mob of people and now realize that I can see Eric in the pictures.
So, gather around the monitor and play WHERE'S WILLHELM?

The 2003 Blackout

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