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L-o-v-e Love

Enough with the bombing. Enough!
Quit it quit it quit it!
I can't hear you
Quit it. Now.

Answer my five questions! has - and then some. Madapeden. Good lord. So, from what I can tell, Madapeden is a blog (group blog?) where they only write with words that are three letters or less.
happyrobot is "NOT A SAD BOT dot com"

Matthew is involved with it, so maybe I should just ask him.

Hey! If you answer my five questions let me know and I will post a link up here.

Liz answered 5 questions here: ashidome house arrest

Please, don't send me that again

Who made that monkey?
Did you know that Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time? Well, they did.
Is there any evidence of Pterodactyls living today? Apparently so

L-o-v-e Love
Oh that Belle & Sebastian. They are so sweet.
They played in the park (Prospect Park) at the band-shell and it was a lovely evening. Breezy and the stars were out and people all seemed to be happy.

- My quick reviews -
Ben Kweller opened for them which was a surprise because I like him lots and had no idea until a day or two before the show. This is my Ben Kweller time line:
Hear his demos - like him.
Hear his first band, Radish - like them.
Hear his album Sha-Sha - hate it. Way over done.
See him play by himself - like him again.

This guy, IMHO, really excels when he is pared down. His live set did have some technical glitches and was a bit sloppy, but the music one guy can make on piano or guitar is much better than what he did on his over-produced album.

Belle & Sebastian were just lovely. They are one of those bands who can reproduce their studio sound very well when playing live - which is quite a task for B&S since they seem to have dozens of people playing on a single track.
The great thing is that playing live gives their music so much more energy... verve... kick... spunk...
Songs you hadn't paid attention to in the past suddenly kicked you in the bottom.

The other note-worthy item is that they may be the only band in the hundreds of shows I have seen that played new songs that just rocked. We all know that's a low-point when the lead singer says, "this is a new one..." and everyone's energy kind of wanes. Maybe it was just the fact that John Lawton was standing near me, but the new songs were all totally killer. ("totally killer" - jeez)

Also, B&S all seem like really nice Scottish folks and make me want to go back there and get rained on.

Flash Mob #7
Well, this little goofy post got us a little bit of attention on the web. But, more than anything, the one comment on there... you know the one... that was the best part.
This was no flash mob that is a real event that happened..dont confuse the people trying to figure out what flash mobs are for real flash mobs dont turn of traffic lights or keep innocent people in the heat for no reason. we do what we do for fun.
- ???? || 8/16/2003 || 00:34

For better or for worse, they didn't leave a name, which is probably best so that this doesn't come off as a personal attack on them as a human being.
My favorite part is the sentence: "we do what we do for fun."
Who are you? Are that guy Bill or Bob or whoever he is who organizes these things? Why are you preaching to the converted?

Then there is: "real flash mobs dont turn of traffic lights or keep innocent people in the heat for no reason"
um. God. I can't even put the words together.

In honor of ????, here is a mini google b0mb
Flash Mob #7
Flash Mobs turn off traffic lights
Flash Mobs keep innocent people in the heat for no reason
AOL users discover Flash Mobs
Flash Mobs loot city

Here's a site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the domokun:
»liz ||  8/21/2003 ||  10:11:59 AM
I can tell you for a fact that that post is not from Bill. Bill thinks the flash mob #7 blurb is funny.
»dorf ||  8/21/2003 ||  10:48:32 AM
Also, I'm assuming Bill can put a sentence together, unlike the post-er.
»dorf ||  8/21/2003 ||  10:51:17 AM
dorf - that is great to hear. i would love to meet this person... their comments were just so wacky and wrong that i can't stop reading them.
i love freakies!
and, hello dorf. do i know you? maybe i should... i see your comments from time to time. lettuce know if you want to join the robot family ever.
»:r ||  8/21/2003 ||  10:54:25 AM
I already have. It's me, Collin. Hi Rich!
»dorf ||  8/21/2003 ||  10:56:49 AM
ah-ha! :)
»:r ||  8/21/2003 ||  11:45:44 AM
you've seen that terrible website with the flea market art too? why does water have so much sex with humans? why is it so flag waving american? why is it the worst art i've ever seen? i had a crush on the guy who sent the link to me. needless to say after he told me 'how intense the art was' i haven't had an ounce of respect for him.
»v ||  8/21/2003 ||  12:02:45 PM
Madapeden reads like a Dick and Jane book.
»eve ||  8/21/2003 ||  3:39:41 PM
Wow, "Eve," you are all set to gab in a MAD APE DEN way! Me, I've got to go by "M.S.S." Too bad for me, eh?
»matthew ||  8/21/2003 ||  5:00:22 PM
i just want to thank you all for clueing me in to the MAD APE DEN thing ... i could never read that site because i didn't know what the F- they were talking about .... god i feel so dumb for not figuring out that one a long time ago
»k ||  8/22/2003 ||  2:00:12 PM

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