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2003 the number another summer

Damn you rappers
So here I am walking down the street on my way to work. My brain processing all the new day's information: job tasks, to-do lists, Mrs. Robot's boobies, puppies, robot things, this nagging sick feeling I have had, boobies...
Oh, and I have my IPOD on the 'play all songs' mode, which Willhelm clued me in on as a better option than 'random'. It plays all the songs alphabetically, which is fine except for the three versions of Kiss' "Duece" and the five covers of "Bad Seed" back to back (When this happens, I use my DJ voice to announce to the other pedestrians "We're having a Double Shot").
Random always seems to play the same artists / songs all the time.

Ok, so today I am in the midst of the letter 'F' and Public Enemy's 'Fight the Power' comes on and I am instantly transported to that street in Brooklyn where Spike Lee filmed that video, except I don't remember seeing a smirky white guy with an IPOD and messenger bag in that video... but I am sure there was one.
"1989 the number another summer (get down)
Sound of the funky drummer"

Then it hits me: 1989? WTF. I can't believe that this song is now.. um… let's see… 1, 2,3, carry the 7, remainder.. um...
14 years old?!
This song can almost drive.
I was such an idiot in 1989. The fashion choices I made come back to me and I visually cringe.

I wish those rappy guys would quit mentioning the year. Ice Cube does this a lot too.
It really 'dates' the music.

Speaking of Rappyers
This Marci X movie with Lisa "TV's Friend's Phoebe" and Damon "I was funny in 1986" Wayans - good lord. I have only seen the previews and this is only my personal opinion, but this looks s.t.u.p.i.d..
When was the last time Wayans was funny? Who could take Wayans seriously as a rap artist? Are white people, especially in LA, that clueless in regards to hip-hop?
The answers to these questions are: "1986", "very few people", "most likely not".
This movie would have been hilarious in like 1990.

How do these things still get green-lighted?
Los Angeles Times / Gene Seymour
Despite the occasional topical reference to President Bush and Sen. Clinton, this movie is, like, so eight years ago, it isn't funny.

WTC Transcripts
These transcripts are spooky. Talk about opening wounds again.
I find the voices of dead people to be about the saddest / scariest / heart-wrenching things.
Ugh. I have a lot to say about this, but I think I am going to skip it for now. Reading these conversations…

I don't know.

Stupid terrorist bastards.

I like your writing. It makes me happy.
»pony ||  8/29/2003 ||  4:40:38 PM
ah Public Enemy. What was that song, where the chorus had a sound like a dying sea gull? It was everywhere in 80-something.
do you remember when people thought rap was a "fad"- like break dancing?

»anne ||  8/29/2003 ||  5:20:15 PM

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