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He didn't want to listen, so I gave him a good slap

Hello racism!
Amazing. I just heard a story on the BBC about all the problems they are having in South Africa between the native south Africans and the white farmers. They interviewed a few white farmers and I was amazed by their whole rascist thing they have going on.
Good lord what a mess. Oh, and I realize that white farmers are now being targeted by African groups, so in a f*cked up way it goes both ways.
I think this is the article that the news story was based on (or vice-versa):
Race tensions on South Africa's farms
We went to find the white farmer in question. At the gate of his town house, he at first denied the allegation of assault - then he admitted it.

"He didn't want to listen, so I gave him a good slap.

"That's how we work with them," he said.

"Do you realised people will accuse you of racism?" I said.

"You can do that," the farmer said.

"Is that a fair accusation?" I asked.

"Yeah, in America, in England, there, in all places there is racism - it's the order of the day.

Ugh. I know nothing about South Africa anymore (since the research papers I did in college) and I don't want happyrobot to ever become one of these yelling forums discussing the topics of the day, so let's move on to something fun-ish...

We went to Nobu last night and it was a grand time - especially since we weren't paying! Woooo! Many dishes came and went and our stomachs were filled with tasty morsels of the fishy type.
Highlights included: yummy sea urchin sushi, beautiful toro tartare, yellowtail with jalapenos, and delicious fresh water live eel.
Thx to Reba for the fine dinner!

I don't want to piss off any friends or family, but when I see AOL addresses, especially at work, I brace for the worst. I know that not all AOL users are dumb, but most of the dumb emails I get at work and at the robot come from AOL accounts.
Sorry, I don't want to be accused of ISP-Profiling and get sued by AOL users who believe I unfairly deleted their email instead of responding.
Or pulled them over for speeding.

But yea, I know that not all AOL users are tards, but all tards are AOL users.
Or so it seems.
(my opinion of course - don't hate me)

Speaking of South Africa
According to our pal Eric, when he worked at a hotel here in Manhattan, Winnie "I'm the crazy one" Mandela called room service to complain that her club sandwich had a toothpick in it - a toothpick that someone had planted in the sandwich to kill her.

I like those South African accents, very pretty.
History and present stuff is ug-ly.
from what little I know about it.
I can't get all "formummy" about this- because I know so little'- as is the case with Israel.
I do know I hate sushi.
but you make it sound so great, makes me almost forget how gaggy I think it is.

»anne ||  9/3/2003 ||  5:06:13 PM
Ooh, I've had the toro tartare at Nobu. It was fucking amazing. The restaurant was full of out of town retards, though, myself included.
»dorf ||  9/3/2003 ||  10:29:15 PM
Hey Rich,

You spelled "racism" incorrectly in the title. Just thought you should know.

Your ever-friendly QA, proofing friend,
»liz ||  9/4/2003 ||  11:50:47 AM

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