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You got Emmy!

Sadly, she doesn't get a actual statue, but a documentary Mrs. Robot worked on last year won an Emmy. Now, of course this isn't the daytime Emmys (oh darn), but it's the news and documentary Emmys which are a bit cooler in my book.

PBS takes top honors in news and documentary Emmy awards
Winner - Science, technology and nature programming: PBS for "The Secret Life of the Brain."
mmmmmm brains.

Wake-up call
Listening to the news.
I am noticing that the phrase all the politician dorks like these days is "wake up call".
See, I'm not kidding.
Try this: Pour a tall glass of a tasty spirit, turn the radio onto the news, and sip your drink everytime they say 'wake up call'.

That's all the Robot Journal for this Friday which is my last 'summer hours' Friday. I'm leaving at 1 and going to go ride my bike.


Yay Rachel!

»anne ||  9/5/2003 ||  6:26:34 AM
if I only had a brain...
»nate ||  9/5/2003 ||  8:55:19 AM
I too will celebrate Rachel's excellence with a bicycle ride.

»jason ||  9/5/2003 ||  9:50:30 AM
hooray rachel. I wanna go early, too!
»pony ||  9/5/2003 ||  9:52:43 AM
Congrats, Rachel.

And all this time I thought it was 'The Secret Life of the Brian.'
»cromulent ||  url || 9/5/2003 ||  10:30:55 AM
Rachel rocks. Congrats! Yee-haw party! Woo!
»chris ||  9/5/2003 ||  12:54:04 PM
Daytime Emmy's are where it's at! go go gadget documentaries!
»elanamatic ||  9/5/2003 ||  2:47:40 PM

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