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Ship Uranium to Family and Friends

Ship Uranium to Family & Friends
A reporter with ABC shipped depleted Uranium from Indonesia to LA, and the people who are supposed to be looking for this stuff in the first place didn't detect it. The Federal Government says that they don't look for depleted Uranium, but look for the "real thing". A nuclear physicist responds if they "can't detect that, then they can't detect the real thing".
The Department of Homeland Security says ABC has broken the law and plans to have the Justice Department investigate. By the way, the issue in question is not the shipping of the depleted uranium (amazingly, that is legal), but the fact that ABC didn't list uranium in the shipping information.

Good going guys! ABC ships uranium right under your nose and your response is not "D'oh!", but to look into prosecuting them for doing it.
Prosecuting them for not declaring the uranium.

Thanks! This makes me feel so much better.

Here's ABC's story about it: Uranium

Suicide Bomber
You know, just because you are willing to die for something - that doesn't make it right.

Bottom line: profit
I don't know what the bottom line is, but it's obviously not money.

I have always said that I would never get a tattoo because I couldn't think of something to put on my body that in ten years I wouldn't think was stupid.
Sure, I could put Mrs. Robot's name on my arm. Or a tattoo of a Leica. But other than thatů?
I mention this because on the train this morning there was a guy with the word "CRAZY" tattoed above his eyebrow.
On his face.
The word "crazy". In fairly large letters.
And the guy, to be honest, looked fairly normal. Not that crazy at all.
How do you apply for jobs or loans at banks with the word "crazy" on your face.
Your face.
The word "crazy".

"Frank, I would think of not hiring this guy if I knew he wasn't crazy. But, let's meet him face to face and then make the decision"

On his face.
Who thought that was a good idea?

does the world ever stop laughing at us?

First, let me say that I am sure Detroit is a fine place. I used it in the following exchange just because it's one of those stereotypical sounding northeastern drab cities. Like I said, I am sure it is a fine place to live.

ME: so. i just wrote our guy in Hawaii
ME: and he's on vacation!
ME: if you live in hawaii, do you go to Detroit for holiday?
Jas: lol! i was just thinking the same thing
ME: "hey Bud, how was your vacation?"
"Great - we went to Detroit. Stayed inside, ate nasty food, watched TV"
Jas: how was the beach? -- "awesome, riddled with needles, really dark and cold water, and i love the small waves."
ME: "we saw some beautiful tires on the beach"
ME: "I took lots of photos"
ME: "look at you! you got no color!"
Jas: that's a good one

Remember in the 1980's when we had Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, and the Far Side on the comic page at the same time? How did that happen? The comics stunk before them and after them. How did three brillant strips come about at the same time?
(We can include Doonesbury in this list too, I suppose - but that always gets stuck on the editorial pages)
Well, Opus the penguin is returning to the comics page for a Sunday only strip. Mr. Berkley Breather has returned.
Wait, what is his name?
Berkely Brethed?
Berlklee Bedhead?
Barkley Breathed?

I was planning on shipping myself to Florida for Christsmash, but some guy ruined it for me. Now they actually look in boxes.
»binx ||  9/15/2003 ||  2:35:52 PM

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