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What I was doing on September 11, 2001 - The results

"What I was doing on September 11, 2001?"
That was the question proposed to the robot word writer types - and they responded with verve and vigor.
Below are the fruits of their labor - all of which I thought were fantastic (trying to bring that word back in to style).

As Adina just said, "such beautiful writing!"

  • 9-11-01 -Film and Television Rights

  • two years ago today- part 1 -Poop Beetle

  • september 11, part 1 -A Heart Shaped State

  • September 11 -Nutshell Kingdom

  • 9-11-02 -Picture Monkey

  • 911 -elanamatic

  • not my story -Honky Cracker

  • 9/11/01 -Medium Pimping

  • you´ve probably heard this one before -Pony

  • .: -Tim!

  • where i was on sept. 11 -Klutch.xls

  • 9/11/01 -Lisa Says

  • As quoted: Such beautiful writing! You all continually amaze me.
    »pony ||  9/12/2003 ||  9:54:13 AM
    if my hand were big enough, i would give RobotNation one big collective pat on the back.
    »klutch.xls ||  9/12/2003 ||  11:26:32 AM
    thanks to the robot for making the day easier to get through
    »liz ||  9/12/2003 ||  11:29:49 AM
    Well. i don't know if it made it easier to get through (eating krispy kremes, drinking scotch and having record breaking sessions of sex would of made it easier for me).
    but it did give us lots of great things to read and reflect upon.
    »:r ||  9/12/2003 ||  1:00:43 PM
    it made the day easier for me because at least the people on the robot seemed to care about what had happened. its weird being surrounded by people who don't mourn.
    »liz ||  9/12/2003 ||  4:58:57 PM
    i feel like a dork because i can not even express in words how i felt/still feel about today 2001. sad day, sad times, sad heart

    i think i need to give some hugs out when i see you all again.
    »k ||  9/11/2005 ||  10:52:05 PM

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